Morning Musume 10th Generation Auditions Announced

8 05 2011

The 10th generation auditions for Morning Musume titled Morning Musume 10ki Member ~Genki Jirushi~ Audition has been announced.

I have to say that I was really shocked by the news since I didn’t expect any auditions so soon with the 9ki members added only a few month ago, and to see the announcement made so soon to add new members is very strange and many speculations about other graduations are being made.

The official website opened for the audition has some information about the qualifications necessary to enter the audition, and it seems that they are looking to add 2 girls from 10 to 17 years old into the group, just like the requirements for the previous audition, and the description sais something between the lines of “looking for girls with positive personalities and confidence to boost Japan’s mood”.

With this announcement made, I start to wonder what the real purpose of the audition is since 4 girls have already been added to Morning Musume whom 2 are 12 year-olds, so many speculations can be made, but I clear out the possibility of another graduation since it would have been announced sooner, and with the news, we will get to see the young  Kyuukies being senpais to the newly-added members to come.

Although the audition process will take place before the summer concert tour, the members won’t be officially added into Momusu until Ai-chan’s graduation which still gives a chance for the current line-up to do many activities together, and even though this audition will be the main concern of everyone, I hope that the Kyuukie won’t be overshadowed by the news because of the fast announcement.

I’m looking forward to seeing the process of the audition take place and hopefully in a few weeks we’ll start to get some information about the applicants, the potential winners and such (information will probably be shown through the new show Hello!Pro Time like Bijou Gaku did for the Kyuukies), and if UFA keeps up with the pattern of having 1 audition per year like in the early Momusu days, many fans should be happy since the group would enlarge and have many members like they did before.

The application”s deadline is 6/13.

H!P official announcement about auditions

Morning Musume 10ki Member ~Genki Jirushi~ Audition official website




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8 05 2011

wow. I’m shocked. Not about the auditions, but because MM just had auditions… none the less, I’m happy to see who’s added!!

8 05 2011

Seems to me that UFA is using an excellent opportunity for Momusu promotion. “Looking for girls with positive personalities and confidence to boost Japan’s mood” makes me think that they’re trying to give Momusu the nationalistic image, which is great for several reasons; popularity amongst nationalistic citizens, categorization of overseas (think Morning Musume., think Japan), and so-on. Of course, this probably make them sound very greedy and insensitive, but it’s a simple business strategy: use environment to better yourself.

Personally, this seemed really soon. But with the description of the auditions (the quote/excerpt I used), it made it far more reasonable. Then, y’know, the fact that this is also a good move to start getting Momusu back in motion again after its long term of no auditions/graduations. XD
Very excited to see who makes it into the final round, and if anyone makes it in. I wonder what her/their title will be, seeing as it’s advertised as an audition to cheer Japan up <3

9 05 2011

*SHOCKED* o_o !!!

9 05 2011

I am supremely excited about this!

9 05 2011

I have the strange feeling that Tsunku is going to let the rest of 5,6 (maybe Aika too, dunno) Gen graduate after Ai and then give the leading post either to Aika or Mizuki o_o
Or it would be a good reason for one time and he’s trying to get back the old musume when they were like 12 members ^^
Well, let’s see what is going to happen~
As always, I love to get to know new voices so yea ^^

9 05 2011

I am interested in auditioning. Do you know if there have been any Americans who made it past the 1st round of a MM audition?

9 05 2011
random stranger speaks to you

I think you should ask this in an appropriate forum on Hello!Online since you’ll get a larger range of people that can answer you, and even those that auditioned. There are only three people that one H!SN, compared to the many members on H!O that specialize in H!P in various different parts; members, OG, wota, auditions, etc.
Though, I suppose you should rephrase the question to fit a larger variety, to see if UFA is interested in more than just Asians or Japanese auditions. Such as if a non-Asian made it passed the first round, or if anyone living in the West made it passed the first round.
It (audition rules) never says anything against non-Japanese citizens auditioning, but I think they’re only considering those that live in the nation. You know, so that the girl knows the language and is nearby, compared to someone in Europe that only knows a phrase or two of Japanese. It’s also cheaper since UFA won’t have to pay for a language mentor/something similar.

A thread I saw where you might find your answer:

9 05 2011

Thanks! :)

9 05 2011

I am interested in auditioning. Do you know if there have been any Americans who made it past the 1st round of a MM audition?
Erin :)

9 05 2011

As “random stranger speaks to you” mentioned nothing can compare to the help of hundreds of fans (dozens of who will apply) and despite us at H!SN being pretty knowledgeable about most of the areas in H!P there are fans who have a better idea of what to do exactly when you apply since they have done so previously ^_^

There is no rule about non-Japanese auditioning (if I remember clearly it mentioned “auditions are not restricted to Tokyo, you can be from anywhere!”) so there is nothing holding you back except for the costs of going to Japan in case you get called back, but I’m not sure if any Americans have made it past the first round (usually there are one or two that mention that they have gotten called back, but I’m not sure if it is true).

I would say to go ahead and try out only if you are aware about the costs and everything else (costs to go to Japan in case you get called, etc), although I wish you the best of luck! ^o^

9 05 2011
Konomi and my friend will “try” to audition XP. We’re in America so we’re trying to see when we can go to japan and audition XD. My Japanese is descend so I could understand well. As for my friend… uhh…might need to work on it a bit :D.
Wish as both luck ~ XDDDD Hahahaha… “if” we “try” to audition XD. If I did… my stage name would be Konomi :3 XD

9 05 2011

Good luck! ^o^

10 05 2011
Nani lime

Everyone im sooo happy im not the only one. i wanna join everyone Lets fight for this dream

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