Shuukan Yoro! Vol 90

6 05 2011

Site News: The Upcoming Releases section is almost complete but I had 2 tests this last regular week of school so I had to put it aside for a while, but next week will be the last week of school since it’s final exam week so after that I will have time to work on everything I have to do for the site as well as a few projects that I have been working on from time to time during the past few months.

I will finish up the few entries I have to do for the Upcoming Releases page by tomorrow and since there are only about 5 or 6 I will be able to finish them before I start studying for my finals so hopefully I can finish that at least.

Sorry again for the lack of updates to the section but I will make sure to finish it very soon as well as updates to the other sections (the most important of them being the rest of the profiles I haven’t updated).

That being said I wanted to quickly mention that I have been working on something special at school from time to time during the past few months and while I can’t reveal much about it just yet (it’s about half done, although I’m not even sure if I will continue or leave the idea) I hope to have some updates about this project during the next few months, and hopefully have it released by August or around that time.

So for now please look forward to updates for the Profile and Upcoming Releases sections and I will try and detail this new project as soon as I can.

Polls: The winner for this poll was Tanaka Reina with 471 votes (49%), congratulations Reina! Nakajima Saki came in second with 300 votes (31%), and Maeda Yuuka came in third with 186 votes (19%).

There was a total of 957 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Reina!

A quick mention, as most of you might have noticed there was no “VS” image last week, and since I can’t open up the program I usually use to make the images there won’t be another image this week. I am currently trying out other programs so I hope to have images in later posts, so I will make sure they are up as soon as possible.

Not surprisingly Reina won by almost half of the votes, and while she did have an advantage due to her large fanbase I am very glad to see that Nakky did pretty well since she managed to get 300 votes, although I would have liked to see Yuuka with a few more votes.

I had some doubts when I picked the members for the polls randomly a few months ago since I thought she would take most of the votes, and while that may be true I am glad that Nakky and Yuuka did pretty well, but I hope to see them get a higher position next time.

For now congratulations to Reina but I wish the best of luck to Nakky and Yuuka with their next polls as well!

Next poll will feature Shimizu Saki, Tsugunaga Momoko, and Sugaya Risako, and while Captain is at a bit of a disadvantage I wish her the best of luck and I hope to see many fans support their favorite member during this week’s poll!

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 1st day of Sudou Maasa’s week about “Ping Pong”.

Maasa is the last teacher before Mai starts her week so this is the first of the remaining 10 episodes in the Yorosen series, which is dissapointing since this series was very interesting.

I would have loved to see even more episodes since Mano didn’t get to teach (I would have loved to see her teach everyone about pianos or something similar) and Mai’s week was released only on DVD but I am glad that we got a chance to see so many interesting themes.

But the series is not over yet, so during the next five weeks we will see Berryz in a ping pong tournament led by Maasa, and starting off today’s class we will get a chance to see Maasa excitedly start class off by coming into class with a lot of energy.

She shows us the basics such as the two types of grips and she gives everyone rackets to practice the grips, after which she shows off some famous ping pong players.

Next episode the tournament will start so I hope everyone checks out the episode next week, but meanwhile please enjoy this week’s episode:



4 responses

7 05 2011

You have me curious about your special project, I hope everything goes well with it and I can’t wait to hear more about it! :)

7 05 2011

I’ve been working on it for a while so when I have it almost done I will give you and Ayuchii the details first ^_^

7 05 2011

Yaay xD
I also was intreegued since I can’t imagine what it is at all….

But I’m sure we won’t be disappointed ;)
~Can’t wait

8 05 2011

YAY!! I can’t wait ^_^

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