C-ute – “FARAWAY” Full Radio Preview Released

6 05 2011

The full radio preview for C-ute’s 16th single’s B-side title FARAWAY has been released.

The song is a very slow and calm ballad that has a bit of rock sound in its music breaks and in the beginning and ending which was kind of expected from the title, and even though it’s the case, it still complements nicely the main song with the sound it has.

The song starts off with a calm techno beat followed by a slow rythm where every member sings a line respectively, and the music during this verse is very slow and cute since it has some bell effects added to it. The chorus is very interesting since it is slow in lyrics but still has a strong instrumental where the girls sing FARAWAY with an echo sound repeating it, and Nakky’s voice seems to stand out in the chorus which is really nice to hear since her voice fits the song pretty well.

During the preview, there isn’t many changes in the lyrics distribution or the instrumental since it basically repeats over and over again, but some interesting bits are for example the hight notes after singing the verses, or the nice lines at 2:57, followed by a music break that has a very nostalgic feel to it, or the last chorus after the music break where they all sing with an echo behind there voices that adds a nice effect to the song.

Overall, the song is very nostalgic and kind of sad, but after a few listens, I realized that it is actually a pretty good song that will go perfectly with the A-side.

The release date is set for 5/25.




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7 05 2011
Mariane ラン❤海飛 Cryssa

Totally love this!

7 05 2011

I love it! Its amazing! Better than the A-side. And one of the few B-sides I’ve liked from H!P. They actually tried for this single, too bad that release date is going to screw C-ute over. Why not the week after damn-it!

7 05 2011

What’s wrong with the release date?

7 05 2011

I’m guessing there are many other popular artists releasing their singles/albums on the same day which is tough competition since fans will probably go see their releases and focus on them instead because of their popularity.

If they had picked a release date where no other popular artist had a release, C-ute would be more exposed in daily rankings and such which would help promoting for good sales.

7 05 2011

Yup, Ayu is right–AKB48’s single comes out the same day–LAMENTATION!!! Oh well, I’ll be buying both anyway :D

7 05 2011

Even if they released the week after AKB48 would have realistically continued to sell more during the next month XD

Let’s just wait and see what happens, they might not get #1 but they might get high sales ^_^

7 05 2011

I like this more than the A-side. :/ I hope MomoSpark will grow on me though.

7 05 2011

I’ve had this song spamming all day–love it!

7 05 2011

Just thought I’d let everyone know that a C-ute concert is being streamed on USTREAM live at 15:00 JST….which is less than 10 minutes. lol.


9 05 2011

This song is SO good! OMG! This single is going to be amazing!! <3

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