Short Preview Of C-ute’s “Momoiro Sparkling” Released

5 05 2011

A short preview of C-utes “Momoiro Sparkling” has been released.

The preview comes at the very end of Hello!Pro Time featuring Berryz Koubou and their trip to Seattle. The song starts playing at 12:20 but the actually PV clips don’t come until about 12:33. The preview is about 20 seconds long but I like it so far.

The preview start with the members in a dance shot scene. They’re hoping around while holding the peace sign. They turn to the side and move their hands while singing.  Then they jump and the background turns white with pink bubbles floating around them. It goes to Chisato, she sings her lines and the scene switches to the dance. It repeats this way a few times with Mai being next, followed by Nakky and Maimi at the end. Near the end of the preview the girls are moving some beach chairs out of the way and there’s also a surfboard laying in the background.

When I watch the preview and listen to the song it reminds me a lot of their previous single, “Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu”. There are some parts where they sound and look really similar to me. For example the parts where they swing their hips at the end.

I really like the set for this PV so far. Especially the portion where they used bubble graphics. From the top of my head I can’t really name any H!P singles where they used any computer generated graphics so it’s really cool for C-ute to have that in their PV.

Also the song overall is a youthful sort of sound and different from their recent singles which is a nice change for fans.

Hopefully everyone can support C-ute and reserve a copy when it’s released. The release date will be on 5/25.

Video uploaded by HelloProLovers




10 responses

5 05 2011

Didn’t like the song at first, but somehow this PV preview (and listening to the radio rip a few more times) changed my mind: pre-ordered it just now.

5 05 2011

Omg Chinami was SOOOO ADORABLE :P I hope they come back when I live in Seattle!! <3

5 05 2011

It looks great!!
So colorful and awesome!!!
It’s simple yet it works out.

5 05 2011

Chinami was hilarious xDD
And I think the PV from what I got from it, it looks pretty good (:
Can’t wait to see the full one : D

5 05 2011

Glad you enjoyed the video even though it wasn’t related too much to C-ute’s single. If your interested here’s the 1st portion of the video :)

Sorry you had to watch it out of order but enjoy!

5 05 2011

Aaah, haha! Chinami is so silly! XD

6 05 2011

Here’s the preview cut off from the whole show for those who want to watch it quickly:

6 05 2011

Full PV is available on C-ute’s YT =3

6 05 2011

LOL @ the release date. Everyday Kachuusha anyone? -roflmao- UFA are such idiots.

6 05 2011

If they changed it to another date simply to avoid the release of another higher selling group then it would look worse since everyone would see that they are not confident about their release ^_^

Anyway, they announced the date quite some time ago and AKB48 announced it some time later (I’m not sure but correct me if they didn’t) so it’s not like they aren’t aware about the release after they announced it, since they are after all primary competitors, but I’m glad that UFA doesn’t run away from others in order to sell more copies in other dates ^_^

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