Preview of Kitahara Sayaka’s “Yappa Seishun” Released

5 05 2011

A preview of Kitahara Sayakai’s “Yappa Seishun” has been released.

Since the single is being used as the ending anime of Inazuma Eleven we get a preview of the song early. The only downside is there’s not PV clips to go along with it. (If there is a PV.) Despite that I think Kitahara does a wonderful job with the song.

Seishun means youth so when I heard the title I was expecting something similar to “Maji desu ka ska!” however this is quite different from it. The song has a serious feel to it and is a mid tempo song. The song has a light rock feel with a lot of pop mixed in. There’s one part where there’s a quick guitar solo and later a quick drum solo which is really nice.

It also reminds me of Berryz Koubou’s “Otakebi boy WAO!” except it’s a little slower. The main reason being the song is more serious and when Kitahara sings she uses a strong powerful voice, which reminds me of Risako’s voice.

The preview gives us an idea of what the full song will be like and I think it will be a good one. Hopefully a PV will also be released and maybe we can see that released soon. Good luck to Kitahara on her debut single, I hope many fans will support her.

The release date is set for 6/22.

Video Uploaded by: goku44majo1

[Update] A full concert rip is posted in the comments section for any fans who would like to hear the full version. 




6 responses

5 05 2011

roflol ?? XD isnt it kitahara sayaKA xD

anyways xD im happy shes finally finished her training as well.. :D
she sings well :)

5 05 2011

It is I don’t know why I put that I must’ve had something else on my mind. Thank you for pointing that out.

5 05 2011

The concert rip is so much better:

I’m so proud of her vocal growth. Her voice makes me smile.

5 05 2011

Thanks for sharing the full version but it’s hard to hear :)

5 05 2011

it reminds me of old anime songs, i like it :)

6 05 2011

I feel the same exact way <3

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