Morning Musume – “Only You” Concert Rip Released

5 05 2011

A concert rip for Morning Musume’s 46th single title Only You has been released.

The quality of the sound in the video is quite well compared to regular concert rips sicne we get to hear almost clearly the covals and the instrumental although wotas chants and the echo in the hall makes it hard to tell who is singing from time to time.

I have to say that I was simply amazed when I heard the song since it is a really strong and hard to sing beat that is a total contrast with Maji Desu ka Ska! since it brings back the older singles Momusu released such as Nanchatte Renai or Resonnant Blue, which might please many fans.

The song is mainly a Ai-Reina-Gaki main and starts off with an amazing heavy instrumental with a break where the music softens a little but the beat stays strong, then the chorus starts and the girls start singing each a line that fit beautifully with the instrumental mixed with a few high notes and music pinches.

The verses of the song are a little confusing since they consist of very short phrases mixed in between each other with a member singing the first and another continuing it on a very calm beat that only has drum sounds, and even though it has a kind of creepy feeling, it still adds a very unique touch to the song, specially with the part at 1:24 in the first verse where Gaki sings 2 strong lines that have a special beat to them which she does perfectly (when a HQ preview comes out, the verses may sound better).

A strong point of the song should be the fact that it is a very cool and deep song compared to Maji Desu ka Ska! but unfortunatly, the line distribution is back to Ai, Reina and Gaki this time with only Sayumi and Aika getting each 1 or 2 lines, and surprisingly enough, Riho seems to have many lines in the verses which might please her fans, but is still a shame for the other 9th gen members since they have no solo lines at all.

Overall, I have to say that this will be one of the most amazing releases from Morning Musume this year that will definitely please many fans, and hopefully Mizuki, Erina and Kanon will get some screentime in the PV to compensate the lack of lines.

The release date is set for 6/15.

Video uploaded by: omameomameomame7




15 responses

5 05 2011

OMG this single is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
I’m disappointed,I don’t get the chance to hear Fuku-chan,my fave member!:(
But at the same time I’m really heappy,the lyrics match strong voices like Gaki,Ai,Reina.I just want to see the PV now!

5 05 2011

Had this on loop for the last 2 hours.

5 05 2011

I heard Riho’s lines~

5 05 2011

I like Riho in lead, but I’m disappointed Eripon and Zukki didn’t get any lines. I was personally expecting more from Mizuki too with her past experience. Guess you can’t get EVERY thing.
Not really what I expected but it sounds great either way!

5 05 2011

I don’t know about everyone else, but i really really like it.
and come on, everyone knew that the line distribution wasn’t going to be as equal as Maji desu ka ska!
I, for one, am glad that Riho has the lead. She has alot of potential and I’m excited to hear and see her in the pv!!
Ai sounded fantastic and reina sounded, reina. Although i don’t think she’s the best singer in Morning Musume,she’s going to be in the lead until her graduation.
Gaki sounded AMAZING. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. to me, she’s the most talented singer in Morning Musume along with Ai chan.

Mizuki, Aika, Suzuki and Erina will do amazing. I can hear their voices soo I’m very happy. I really didn’t see any of them having a prominent voice in the single.

5 05 2011

I haven’t had time to listen to the full version but I’m super surprised at the HQ! I can actually hear whose singing and not. :)

5 05 2011

Actually, this song is an Ai+Reina+Riho lead at the moment. (
Takahashi Ai : 23 lines
Tanaka Reina : 22 lines
Sayashi Riho : 14 lines
Niigaki Risa : 2 lines
Michishige Sayumi : 2 lines
Mitsui Aika : 2 lines
— And the other three get none.

I’m thinking that the current setup with the song won’t be the setup for the single. Chances are the other 3 had a hard time singing and dancing this song at the same time so they had Riho take the lines. I just can’t see Tsunku blocking out the other Kyuukies yet. I guess we’ll see when it gets previewed on the radio.

Risa’s lines are perfect. Finally, they give her something that sounds great with her deep voice.

I can’t wait for Riho’s voice to develop. I can easily imagine that she’ll have a powerhouse voice like Ai has. Right now she seems to be a mix of Ai’s projection and Reina’s sound which explains why it’s so easy to mistake her lines for Reina’s.

5 05 2011


I knew it.

But the song is great, nonetheless.

5 05 2011

I like the single… but honestly I expected the focus to be more on Risa for once. Risa has the best voice in Morning Musume, no doubt about it (Ai has talent but her tone is very… bland for me. Risa’s is interesting!). I’m really disappointed that they’re giving a newer generation (Riho) more lines than Risa, well because obviously Risa has WAY more experience than her… Ugh… I guess it’ll always be like this as long as Tsunku is there…

6 05 2011

Well, this is usually how most Idol groups are (unless I’m mistaken).
Popularity rules who gets the most lines and not so much the producers/managers/Tsunku; at least after the first single or two.

But if you think about it, the only one that can cover Aichan’s parts would be Gaki, especially in this song. So after Aichan graduates, Gaki should get a lot of Aichan’s lines; some other members might get parts of her lines.
(This thought comforts me whenever I remember that Aichan has the most fans and a lot /might/ stop supporting the group after her graduation – at least some will.)

7 05 2011

You realize all they did was make Riho the new Eri but Eri and Risa’s lines were usually equal not Eri getting more than Risa. They’ll probably even the lines of Risa and Riho out somehow eventually. I can definitely see Fukumura Mizuki being put to the front when Ai leaves b/c Sayumi and Aika are the likely choices for some solos but they won’t be able to handle all the solos Eri and Risa could hold as the secondary leads so they’ll have to add one more to the secondary leads. It’ll feel a lot like the MM from 2001-2005 after Ai graduates if they actually make use of this method. Kanon and Erina cannot sing live well yet so pushing them to the back for a while is the right thing to do but it really would not kill them to give them one solo each. Tsunku is a lazy faggot. He couldn’t fucking fit one solo for the other 3 9th gen members out of all the lines he gave to Ai and Reina? Has the man ever heard of common sense?

7 05 2011

Please calm down.

The colorcoded lines that you saw were done by a fan at JPC (I remember that for sure since aramatheydidnt gets most of it’s info from there), and even she mentioned that they weren’t verified until a radio rip was released since she only guessed at who was singing, which means that most likely everyone got a line but since there are a few members that have slightly similar tones when singing and since this is a low quality recording from a concert this means that there is a lot of room for error.

Tsunku does make the songs and chooses who gets to sing based on who is most fitting for the song, but I wouldn’t be surprised if UFA influenced in some way the distribution based on popularity and who sells more, so in the unlikely event that only Riho gets solo lines (not likely) it’s not entirely his fault, and anyways I am pretty sure that we will see at least one line for every member when the radio rip is released (if not then there is probably a reason, since Kanon and Erina have great voices for songs, although ballads don’t really seem to fit in).

You’re basically getting really angry at fancoded lyrics done on a LQ concert rip where we hear the fans more than we hear who is singing, so please at least wait until the radio rip or a PV that clearly shows who is getting what lines.

I just checked JPC and according to a fan and here is another view about the distributions from H!O (THIS ISN’T THE OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTION):

Takahashi Ai : 22 lines
Tanaka Reina : 22 lines
Sayashi Riho : 10 lines
Niigaki Risa : 4 lines
Michishige Sayumi : 4 lines
Mitsui Aika : 1 line
Fukumura Mizuki : 2 lines ??
Suzuki Kanon : 2 lines ??

Riho does get more lines than the others (no surprises there since she is good at singing and great in performances) although they are really short (usually two or three words), but there is still a chance that Mizuki and Kanon got some solo lines since fans who heard the mic rips have mentioned that Kanon sings a line before Mizuki, but they aren’t sure if it’s with someone else or solo (I have heard Zukki and Gaki’s combined mic rip and Zukki does get to sing two lines, but I’m not sure as well if it’s with Gaki or alone since they sing really similarly). The main point of this is that all members did get to sing in the song (Erina I’m not sure but it seems that they haven’t gotten her mic rip yet).

Anyways Mitsui has been in the group for years and even though she has improved she only gets one line at most, but I don’t see anyone mentioning that XD

Please wait until the radio rip or PV to find out for sure ^_^

6 05 2011

I just found out exactly that this song is a ReiAi lead and RihoRisa minor, Aika and Sayu only have 1 line… the other Kyuukies didn’t have solo lines

6 05 2011


there are mic hacks just released and has proof that Zukki has some lines, not just Riho : P

6 05 2011

is there any Mizuki mic rips.. Just in case?

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