Hagiwara Mai – “Mizuiro” DVD Digest Released

4 05 2011

The digest for Hagiwara Mai’s e-Hello! DVD title Mizuiro (Light Blue) has been released on C-ute’s official channel.

I have to say that I was very impressed with the preview as a whole since we got to see a more mature image of Mai who combined cute and sexy perfectly during the many scenes in the preview.

The preview starts off with a schoolgirl look in uniform where Mai is next to a blossoming tree and looks sweetly at the camera followed by a shot in a house setting where she is wearing the outfit that we saw in the promotional image (white shirt, cute skirt and heels), posing next to a wall while looking then smiling at the camera, a scene where she is holding a colored cup of tea wearing the same outfit.

The second half of the preview starts with a scene of Maimai in a very cute small blue dress with a black skirt and heels, her hair being in a high bun that suits her so well where she is sitting on the floor next to a white table, then we see a close-up of her. The last scene features Mai in pink and white dotted pyjamas sleeping at first then slowly waking up to pose next to an open window.

Overall, I really liked the preview and encourage everyone to watch it and support Maimai by reserving a copy.

The DVD is set for pre-order from now until 5/11.

e-Lineup page about product




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