C-ute – “Momoiro Sparkling” Single V Cover Released

4 05 2011

The Single V cover for C-ute’s 16th single titled Momoiro Sparkling (Pink Sparkling) has been released.

Even if the picture is not big, since we already got to see the previous covers in HQ, only minor details here change so we can still compare and notice the changes, and overall, this cover seems very interesting.

The cover is very similar to the Limited A cover since it features the members jumping in the air with Airi in the middle, but the nice touch is the fact that here all of the members seem to share the space while jumping so that no one looks too much centered (although here Airi, Nakky and Chisa seem to perform half a jump while Maimi and Mai do a full one).

The background is the most interesting since it is full of pink things such as the title in big letters in a hot pink color, splashes of paint on the top, many cartoon inspired bubble in yellow and white as well as stripes leading to the center which grabs the attention to the girls.

Overall, I really like how the Single V turned out even though its similarity to the Limited A cover so hopefully everyone who wants to have the PV will reserve a copy.

The release date is set for 6/1.

Sony Music Shop page about product

EDIT: Here is the HQ cover





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