Saho Akari Joins Up Front Girls

3 05 2011

Saho Akari has joined Up Front Girls.

The news was revealed live on a Nico Nico Douga broadcast of the UFZS event where 15,000 viewers watched for one hour and 22 minutes while the group performed their cover of Kpop as well as a few H!P songs (specifically Romantic Ukare Mode and Suki-chan).

The news was a surprise for the members present at the event and after Saho appeared on stage they performed All For One And One For All.

I was very surprised to hear about Saho joining the Up Front Girls since most fans expected to hear news about her becoming a soloist or doing some other kind of solo work, but even though it might not be exactly what fans wanted I am very glad to see that will join the group.

Since the group has performed songs apart from doing dance covers of Kpop groups it seems more and more likely that we might see a single release in the future, but I hope we get a confirmation soon about what the manager for the group meant about their debut since this group has quite a lot of potential and talent.

Congratulations to Saho for joining the group and while the group is relatively new I look forward to finding out what future plans the group has in store for fans.

Video uploaded by: minamisenngoku38

Up Front Girls Blog Post By Saho




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3 05 2011


3 05 2011

At least she gets to join a group who is having a special event, activity and that’s still new and fresh!! Her solo career can wait a little longer ^_^
I’m just happy that they put her on doing something :)

3 05 2011

At first, I thought that was Matsui Rena in the pic. XD
OMG, this is TOTALLT unexpectes news! I thought she would be a soloist, but now her debuting under this group makes me happy since I follow groups more than soloists.

3 05 2011

I’m really happy! (:
But I wonder what Up Front Girls are going to be doing besides coverings songs : /
I really hope we don’t have another SI*NA ._.

3 05 2011


3 05 2011

I hope their going to do more than covers (what a waste).

3 05 2011

She deserves something better.. well… but not bad.. as long as we can see her again.

3 05 2011

So………….. Why are they so shocked and emotional? O_O

Werent they all eggs together acouple of months ago?

They are acting as if they havent seen eachother in years.. O_O

4 05 2011

I think it’s better than being a soloist but…can someone explain me what is UFZS?and who are Up-Front girls?and are they the same thing?Sorry,I know there were news about UFZS on Sayunii,but I didn’t read them beacause I’m not really into the eggs,but I know Akari and now I’m curios.

4 05 2011


UFZS is a K-Pop Dance cover group. Originally they were to learn choreographies of K-Pop songs and to show them at e.g. contests/shows, but now there’s a chance that they could fully debut. There was a tweet of their manager that gave slight hints for a debut, but didn’t mention any date.

UFZS were announced around the same time when Sayaka Kitahara, Azusa Sekine, Manami Arai and Ayano Sato completed their egg training (March 9th/10th). UFZS consists of Konatsu Furukawa (who finisahed egg training at the end of January), Saki Mori (mid January), Azusa Sekine, Manami Arai and Ayano Satou.

Up-Front Girls, as a whole, are UFZS, Sengoku Minami (who finished her egg training on December 21st) and now also Akari Saho together. Up-Front Girls is also the name of the show that Minami and UFZS (I think, Minami is the main host) are hosting. It’s a very new show.

4 05 2011

thanks for explaining now I understand :)

4 05 2011

And one more question…can someone tell me the name of the one in bright orange tank top?the one with her hair tied in a ponytail and a red bow .

5 05 2011

it’s Ayano Satou

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