Hangry & Angry To Appear At Japan Expo 2011 In Paris

3 05 2011

Hangry & Angry will appear in this year’s Japan Expo 2011 in Paris.

The news was revealed on the site of the expo.

After the (so far unconfirmed) announcement about them going to Singapore at the end of July I didn’t expect to hear about them so soon since the group has been inactive for quite some time, and even though that may be the case I am glad to see that the group will go to the same event that Momusu attended last year since fans from Paris can enjoy yet another UFA group.

So far it seems that the group won’t perform songs since the site mentions that they will appear as part of h.NAOTO’s fashion show and not much else, but I hope we get to see them perform since it has been quite some time since we last heard both of them perform, which would be a nice bonus for fans to enjoy at the event.

Hopefully more updates are released so we can find out what they will be doing during the expo.

The expo will be from 6/30 ~ 7/3.

Official Japan Expo Page




4 responses

3 05 2011

That’s nice. They were amazing in London :D

3 05 2011

Everyone’s going to Paris D8

And by everyone, I mean that’s where SMTown is headed too :/

4 05 2011

Ikr. Shinee are coming to London…for JAPANESE fans. -.-

3 05 2011

All Asian-positive friends go for SMTOWN … :((

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