Bijou Gaku Vol.9 and Vol.10 DVDs Announced

3 05 2011

The Vol.9 and Vol.10 DVDs for Bijou Gaku have been announced.

Like the previous releases it seems that there will be one DVD with the actual episodes featuring a different group of members doing a certain activity as well as another DVD with a focus on only one group, this being S/mileage.

While the series was not the most popular it does seem very interesting since we get a chance to see each member interact with other members of other groups, and since we don’t usually see that I look forward to finding out what kind of episodes will appear in this DVD (most likely Airi, Ai, Gaki, Maimi and Captain, Sayu, Mitsui, and Kumai).

Hopefully fans of the show reserve their copy of the DVD since it looks like a very interesting release.

The release date is set for 6/8. Page For Bijou Gaku Vol.9 Page For Bijou Gaku Vol.10




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