New Morning Musume Group Profile Picture For “Only You”

2 05 2011

Morning Musume’s official website has been updated with a new group profile picture for their 46th single titled Only You.

We already got the chance to see a preview of this exact same photo a while ago, but it was very (very) small, so finally we get to see a clearer image where everyone’s hairstyles and expressions are shown.

First of all, the interesting thing about the picture is the lineup since we usually see the girls standing in 3 rows (top, middle, bottom), and I’m really happy to see this change since it shows more of a “group” image that Momusu have. Also, weirdly enough, Ai-chan isn’t standing in the middle as usual since she is on the bottom left while Mizuki is standing in the middle of the top row.

As for the members, this is Ai-chan’s first group picture with her blonde hair and she smiling cutely next to Reina who has her hand reached out just like Sayumi, and Riho is standing between those two looking cute with a new hairstyle. Eripon and Zukki are at the edges of the top row both doing peace signs and while Zukki, Gaki, Aika, Fuku-chan and Sayumi have a “bang-free” style, their is a nice variety in the hairdos which is always nice to see.

Overall, I was pleased with this picture since it’s slighty different from what we’re used to, and hopefully the individual photos will be updated soon to see the outfits.

The release date is set for 6/15.

Morning Musume official website




2 responses

2 05 2011

Lovely looks lovely
Reina Looks Bored
Riho looks normal
Sayumin looks Kawaii
Erinsa looked Awkward
Gaki-san looks pretty
Mizuki looks Pretty Plain
Mitten’s hair is wacked up
Kanon looks like a man

Besides Ai, Sayu, Gaki and Reina, the rest dont look good. I mean Mizuki and Riho look okay, but Mitten’s hair is shite and Kanon looks like a man! That really makes me sad D: I love all of them. Kanon is my fave of the ninth gen….I hope her hair isn’t like that in the MV. She”s a chou kawaii girl.

2 05 2011

I feel kind of alone when I see the comments on this pic XD

I think it’s cool that everyone tried different hairstyles than usual; in fact, I’m only dissapointed that Reina didn’t try something new. Yes, some hairstyles don’t appeal as much as another’s, but it gets boring to see the same hairstyle again and again until people start dying when someone cuts her hair after a couple years.
I’ve actually been a fan of Fukuchan’s pulled-back bangs since one of the EGG concerts where she had her hair pulled back by a headband (really cute, and her head shape supports it perfectly). For Zukki, I don’t think her hair is long enough for what they were trying (pulled back ponytail and bangs) so it came out weirdly – not bad, just not typical “idol” hair.
Aichan’s hairstyle makes her look a lot less tired, and everyone else’s looks fine. Of course, most of Mittsi’s hairstyles are rather weird/awkward, though I find it an interesting part of her character. XD
Again, I’m only dissapointed that Reina’s hair is the same style she’s been using for years while everyone else tries something new. Even if there are people that dislike them for this, at least it’s interesting. =P

I also support this sort of group pic. It doesn’t seem as much a “if you’re in the back you’re unimportant” as the 3×3 format <3

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