Hagiwara Mai – e-Hello! DVD Tiled “Mizuiro”

2 05 2011

The title for Hagiwara Mai’s previously announced e-Hello! DVD has been revealed to be Mizuiro (Light Blue).

With the title, we got to see the promotional image updated on the e-Lineup site which shows Maimi in a blue and pink room wearing a cute white shirt and looking cutely while smiling at the camera, and this picture should be from one of the scenes included in the DVD.

As for the title, I have to say that I really like it since Maimai has always been known as the “baby” of the group being the youngest and at the time, smallest, and I really like how it sounds since light blue somewhat a baby color which goes well with Mai’s personality.

Hopefully a digest will be out soon in C-ute’s official channel to see a preview of the many scenes included in the DVD.

The DVD is set for pre-order from 5/2 till 5/11.

e-Lineup page about product




2 responses

2 05 2011


4 05 2011

MaiMai :)
She looks beautilful in this picture, I’m sure she will be perfect in this DVD

Here you can see a preview :

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