Berryz Koubou – “Ai no Dangan” Short Preview Released

2 05 2011

A short preview for Berryz Koubou’s Ai no Dangan has been released.

The preview was released on two TV shows: Sukkiri which has a 28 second long preview, and PON! who has a 10 second long preview, both of what appears to be the dance shot.

I was very surprised to see that a short PV preview was released before the radio preview, but despite that it gives us a chance to check out the PV, outfits, as well as a part of the song and for the most part I am very impressed with most of what I saw.

The song seems like a complete change from their past releases since it has a more mature sound that some fans will probably love and others will not since it doesn’t follow their past themes, but I will wait until we get a full preview since 28 seconds of the song don’t really show off everything we will see, although I did love what I heard since it had a ballad sound that fits Berryz well.

The outfits are red and black outfits which is slightly similar to their Shining Power outfits, and while the colors might be the same the design isn’t since they have a great look that looks pretty cool although it doesn’t fit the song that well (dresses or some other kind of ballad outfits would have fit a bit better).

The PV so far is just a dance shot and that will most likely change since it seems that the shot we saw is unedited (hopefully it’s unedited), but the panels with images in the back look great and I am excited to see how the entire PV will look for this song.

Since the previews are from TV shows they will most likely be taken down soon so I advise everyone to check them out as soon as possible, but here are a few scenes in case it is taken down so that everyone can get a look at what the PV (or performance of the song) looks like:

I’ll look for any videos featuring only the previews so I will update this post as soon as I find them, but for now I hope fans reserve their copy of the single since this song looks and sounds great so far.

The release date is set for 6/8.

Sukkiri (Starts at 1:01 ~1:29)

Video uploaded by: HelloProLovers

PON! (Starts at 1:11 ~ 1:22)

Video uploaded by: uprisako




11 responses

3 05 2011

It reminds me of SNSD kinda…I like it though! :)

3 05 2011

The song is ok….
The dance shot and outfits are….. Terrible though… -shot- xD

3 05 2011

I just found this video of the 28 second preview:

I really like the song btw ^_^

3 05 2011

Song is maybe ok.. I cant hear it : D
But outfits are terrible (: I dont like.

3 05 2011

Love it ^^

3 05 2011

I really like the dance except at 0:05… it looks like they’re wiping their butts after just taking a dump. XDD Miyabi’s hair is pure win. Plus I love the boots (if only they traded the red jumpsuits… *shudders*).

3 05 2011

That comment actually made me check the vid again XD
the dance is pretty cool though I say

3 05 2011

unfortunately like 80% of Berryz look horrible in those outfits. (I think Yurina and Miya look the best)
I kinda like the song, but it’ll take a while to really grow on me…
so overall…
Outfits: HATE
Hair: LOVE (especially Miyabi and Massa)
Song: MEH

5 05 2011

The outfits I think will be fine, they don’t really suit the song, but whatever. I like the song, it’ll probably grow on me too,
but serious choreography fail, wow. Maybe one of the worst dances in a while lol
still, I love Berryz, maybe they just showed the worst part of the PV so we’d love it more when it came out and was good lmao <3 <3

5 05 2011

Song: Love
Hair: Love
Outfits: Okay
Dance: Wow.. no…

25 05 2011

Thank you berryz kobo for ( Ai no Danga ) girls I love you from my heart

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