“Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken” Stage Play Flyer Released

30 04 2011

A flyer for Tanaka Reina’s Gekiharo play titled Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken (Eng: Taisho Romance of the Stylish Detective King Blue Ruby Murder Case) has been released.

Sudou Maasa and Shimizu Saki are also in the play.

While I’m not that sure what the theme of the play is I have to admit that I am very interested in finding out since the image of Reina wearing a colorful outfit along with a giant Tsuji-sized bow riding a bicycle is pretty unique, and along with Captain holding a pair of handcuffs and Maasa dressed in a white outfit it seems that this play will be very interesting to see.

Since most flyers have the same layout featuring the actors in order of importance it seems that Captain and Maasa will play an important role in the play, although we will have to wait and find out for ourselves once the play starts.

Hopefully fans who are in the area can make it to the play since it seems like the story will be pretty unique (with a title that includes the words Stylish Detective Kin Blue Ruby Murder Case it is almost guaranteed that the theme will be anything but predictable).

The play will run from 6/29 ~ 7/3 at the following times:

  • 6/29 – 19:00
  • 6/30 – 14:30 / 19:00
  • 7/1 – 14:30 / 19:00
  • 7/2 – 11:00 / 14:30 / 18:00
  • 7/3 – 11:00 / 14:30 / 18:00

Official H!P Announcement About Stage Play




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