C-ute Solo FC Events “℃ Fest 2011 Summer ~℃-Nacchau no yo Solo LIVE!~” Announced

29 04 2011

New solo FC events for C-ute members titled ℃ Fest 2011 Summer ~℃-Nacchau no yo Solo LIVE!~ have been scheduled for the month of June.

I’m really happy to see that C-ute will finally get to have solo FC events for each girl since the last ones were approximatively near the release of Campus Life ~Umarete Kitte Yokatta!~, so this will give a chance for fans to see their favorite on stage and enjoy a nice performance, and the girls will hopefully show their progress and enjoy the evening with their fans.

Each girl’s performance is scheduled for an evening with Nakky going first which is always great to see, followed by Chisa which event is scheduled the same day as her birthday, Airi, Mai and finally Maimi (with a week separating Chisa’s performance from Airi’s), so hopefully all fans can buy their tickets and be present to enjoy the event.

The events will be in the Tokyo FM Hall on:

  • 6/20 → Nakajima Saki
  • 6/21 → Okai Chisato
  • 6/27 → Suzuki Airi
  • 6/28 → Hagiwara Mai
  • 6/29 → Yajima Maimi



2 responses

29 04 2011

Holly frick! Mai’s heels are TO DIE FOOOOOOR! <3<3<3

29 04 2011

Alll luv C-ute!!!!!

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