Next Month’s H!P Digital Photobook Will Feature Maeda Yuuka

28 04 2011

Maeda Yuuka will be featured on H!P’s digital photobook next month.

 Looking at the website it looks like each week there will be a new photobook available, all of them will be different from each other. If H!P keeps the same pattern it means that Yuuka will have 4 different ones, which is great since she’s one of my favorite members of H!P.

Also since it’s about 4 photobooks I hope that at least in one shot they’ll make her hair a bit longer by extensions or using a hair iron to make it longer. I liked her with longer hair and she’s still amazing with short hair but I would hope she would grow out her hair.

The release date isn’t clear but her photobook will most likely be available sometime early next month.

H!P Digital Photobook Page




4 responses

28 04 2011

Aren’t the digital photobooks basically the shots they didn’t use in their main photobooks (but in my opinion are sometimes better)? In that case it will be before she cut her hair (what a crime that was).

I’m expecting lots of alternate shots from “Maeda Yuuka 15sai”.

28 04 2011

I’m not 100% sure what the digital photobooks are, I don’t follow them too closely because I haven’t seen my super favs on there yet, but hopefully she does have her longer hair in there ^_^

28 04 2011

Yes, digital books are typically the un-used photos from published photobooks. (Although there have been a few exceptions, like Yaguchi/Tsuji’s Alo-Hello digital book.) You have to be a paid subscriber to receive the downloads, so you can’t necessarily reserve or preorder a digital book

28 04 2011

That’s some nice info to know, thanks! ^_^

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