Morning Musume’s Artist Profile Picture Changed

28 04 2011

Morning Musume’s artist profile picture has changed.

According to Reina’s blog the outfits displayed are the outfits for their next single “Only You”. While the artist picture is a LQ picture, from the member various blog photos the outfit is plain white with some gray/silver specks. It looks almost like tiger stripes and cheetah spots mixed together. The sleeves on the outfit are white but it’s made of a light material so it’s almost see through. Finally the member boots are white and goes up to about their knees or so.

From the profile picture I’m sure everyone has noticed but Ai-chan has dyed her hair blonde as well as cut off a few inches. I’m glad that she decided to make that change, looking at the group picture now Ai-chan provides brightness to the photo with her hair, in the past all the members had brown, dark brown or black hair and it looked all the same.

Also another thing I wanted to note was the 9th gen’s hair was changed too. Erina’s bangs are parted, Mizuki and Kanon has their hair and bangs pulled back and Riho hasn’t changed much with her hair except her bangs are parted on the side. I’m not too big of a fan on Mizuki and Kanon’s bangs being pulled back since I think they look cuter with then. Regardless of that they look amazing in the photo and morning Musume as a whole is amazing too.

Since there were so many pictures from the member blogs I’ve shared the link of the pictures below for fans to check them out. Please enjoy and remember to always support Morning Musume as well as H!P!

Morning Musume Artist Page

Member Blog Photos

Member Blog Photos 2

EDIT: Here are a few images from the blogs showing a clearer look at the outfits:




12 responses

28 04 2011

I didn’t see the gray specks, so their outfits reminded me of Berryz’ Tsukiatteru no Kataomoi. XD
I really hope Kanon and Mizuki’s bangs aren’t pulled back for the PV. :/

oh look riho’s in the front /sigh/ …but so is Sayu :3

28 04 2011

In the member blog photo link Reina has a picture of herself and she has the gray specks on her outfit so I’m assuming everyone else has the gray specks too.

Also I agree, I hope Mizuki and Kanon’s bangs are different for the PV

28 04 2011

Nice outfits, Riho looks like a young Aika in this picture, don’t know what they were thinking with Kanon’s hair though.

The amount of forehead in this profile picture is just enormous compared to previous pics. Even Sayumi is risking it :D

Oh and blonde Aichan FTW!!!

28 04 2011

Morning Musume says: we got a lot of forehead don’t we? :D

28 04 2011

Mizuki looks pretty! ^_^

and OHHGOD!!!
I been seeing blog pics of Aichan with blond hair, but I thought it was a wig..

I dont really like it…. but I might get used to it and might end up liking it..

Or maybe its just the picture… IDK…

28 04 2011

Aichan looks like Murata Megumi a bit XD
Mizuki looks great with her bangs back… Kanon though not so much (though she reminds me of an Asian version of someone I know! O_O)

29 04 2011

Gaki looks stunning eith her hair like thus and I love how Fuku-chan is in the middle ^_^

29 04 2011

Ohh Kanon doesn’t look very good with her bangs pulled back xD
OMG so Ai-chan dyed her hair permanently?O.O I like it!It’s different and it’s good to make a change :)

29 04 2011

Everyone look soo pretty!!
Really excited for this PV, it already looks very impressive :)
Can’t wait to see individual member shots!!!

29 04 2011

Unlike some people, I really like Mizuki’s and Sayu’s bangs back :)
but Kanon…oh Kanon they need to fire how ever styled your hair…

29 04 2011

New outfits remind me Momusu’s the 39th and Oricon No.1 song “Shouganai Yume oi bito”in May 2009,the 46th’s outfit resembles to the 39th’s in 2 points.
In 39th,their costume was whitish beige and some members wore skirts,others
hot pants. About song’s style–I hope the 46th will be dancable love ballad like
the masterpiece 39th. Some H!P 2ch fans say the 46th may get Oricon No.1,because there will be no strong rivals on the release day of 46th.(But,of course,strong rivals may enter to ranking battle from now on.) Takahashi’s
blonde hair may be for the stageplay “Hamlet”(she acts as Ophelia.)starts on 5/18.—Below is their 39th”Shouganai yume oi bito”

29 04 2011

Up close pic of Ai-chan’s hair if anyone hasn’t seen it yet.

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