C-ute – “Momoiro Sparkling” HQ Covers Released

28 04 2011

Top Left to Right: Limited A, Limited B
Bottom: Regular 

 The HQ covers for C-ute’s next single titled “Momoiro Sparkling” has been released.

Limited A features the members doing an action pose, all of them are jumping in the air except for Airi, who looks as if she’s about to perform a jump. The background has faint pink letters of the title “Momoiro Sparkling” however it’s being blocked out by the members in the front. Then all around them is pink water splashing everything.

I like the cover for Limited A. The only thing I don’t like is it’s very pink so it distracts the colorful outfits for me, regardless of that I think the pink water is very nice on the cover and all the members look gorgeous here.

Limited B features all the member with some balloons posing in different background settings. All of them feature a white background but also in the back is some colors and patterns. Maimi is featured with green polka dots, Chisato is also featured with dots but hers are orange. Airi is featured with pink, blue, white stripes, Nakky is with blue and white stripes and finally Maimai has pink and white stripes.

I absolutely love the different background on this cover here. They make a majority of the background white and it doesn’t distract our attention from the members. Another thing I like about this cover is the poses the girls use. Especially Maimi, Chisato and Nakky. Maimi’s pose is one that’s commonly not used so it’s nice to see something different. As for Chisato and Nakky theirs seem to tell like a funny story. Chisato’s balloons seem to be flying away and Nakky’s expression is like “Oh!”

The regular edition features the members in a tight group shot, all of them are sitting together doing some sort of action. Maimai is reading a book, Nakky is doing her hair, Chisato is taking a photo, Airi is on the phone and it’s hard to see what Maimi has in her hands but it looks like another camera.

The regular edition is somewhat similar to Morning Musume’s Seishun Collection cover, each member is holding and doing something, however what I like about C-ute’s cover more is it’s more than a headshot, then again they have less members and can fit more on the cover. I also like that in this cover their actions seem to fit the theme “teenage girl.” Everything they’re doing, talking on the phone, doing their hair etc, it’s something a can see a teenage girl doing and since their all around that age it fits perfectly.

Overall this is one of my favorite covers from C-ute and it’s one of the best ones I’ve seen awhile from them. Hopefully all fans will support C-ute and purchase a copy when it’s released.

The release date is set for 5/25.

Amazon Limited A

Amazon Limited B

Amazon Regular




6 responses

28 04 2011

I find the Limited B to be kind of iffy, but the other two look really great. Lively, colorful and sure to be eye-catching in stores.

Great to see recent Regular Editions from H!P having great covers, as that’s usually the version I pick up.

28 04 2011

Wow. On the limited A Airi looks strikingly similar to Chisato.

28 04 2011

I love Airi on the Limited A & Chisato on the Limited B :)

28 04 2011

I do have to say that I don’t like the fact that Airi kind of just stands out so much in the Limited A.

But I do love how Nakky looks on it.

29 04 2011

I love them :x

3 05 2011

Uwaaa! These are the best covers among all of their others! <3 They all look purely adorable! Plus it's sooo colorful! They also look much older :) Cant wait to hear the song!

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