UFZS Debut Has Been Announced

26 04 2011

According to a tweet from their manager, UFZS will debut as a group.

Other than the official group announcement no other information has been released. When the group was announced they were said to be a temporary group that covers K-pop songs. Now that they’ve had a debut announcement it looks like they’re no onger temporary and with that being said hopefully they receive a chance to cover other dance songs and genre that aren’t K-pop. I think it would be a creative way for the members to learn different dance types and styles and at the same time it’d be fun for fans to see different songs danced by different members. (For example if they covered Morning Musume’s Maji Desu Ka Ska, same song different dancers.)

Another interesting thing I would hope to see is for UFZS to sing some songs instead of just dancing to it. Since the group is dancing covers of other songs why not try singing it too? It might be hard to learn a new song in another language because of the language barrier but I think it would make a very fun and interesting performance if they covered other songs.It would be nice too if UFZS releases some new, original songs but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hopefully more information on their debut is released soon and maybe we’ll be able to see them in action very soon.




2 responses

26 04 2011

Yay!! There was a lot of news about this “temporary” group, so them debuting is no surprise. Still, this is great! I will follow and support them when they debut!

26 04 2011

I’m excited about this group!

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