S/mileage – “1st Live Tour 2010 Aki ~Devil Smile Angel Smile~” Blu-Ray Announced

26 04 2011

This isn’t the Blu-ray cover

A Blu-Ray release for S/mileage’s first live tour titled 1st Live Tour 2010 Aki ~Devil Smile Angel Smile~ has been announced.

I’m happy to see that the Blu-ray version of the concert tour has finally been announced since the DVD release dated from the end of 2010 (precisely on 12/29), since fans who weren’t able to buy the DVD will take the chance to enjoy it in higher quality.

Although the Blu-ray announcement is somewhat late since there is about 4 months separing the DVD’s release date and the Blu-ray announcement, it’s better late than never, but hopefully everyone can cease the opportunity and get this Blu-ray edition to support S/mileage’s first concert.

Hopefully the cover will be out soon to see if there are any changes with the DVD’s cover.

The release date is set for 7/13.

Amazon page about product




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