New C-ute Profile Pictures For “Momoiro Sparkling”

26 04 2011

New C-ute profile pictures for their 16th single titled Momoiro Sparkling have been updated on H!P’s official site.

Since this is the second hint we get concerning the single’s theme (the first being the title), I’m surprisingly happy to see those colorful costumes that give the girls a happy vibe which C-ute seemed to lack during the past few releases that were focused on a more mature image. Combined with fresh hairstyles, funny accessories and cute poses, the pictures are really impressive.

Maimi has a dominant color of red, wearing a white tank top with a red blouse tied on the front with matching shoes and a red cap, along with a jeans skirt and nice accessories such as a colorful belt, a simple necklace and colorful bracelets on both arms.

Nakky’s outfit is mostly yellow with the big flashy necklace, the heel and the cute bow that holds her hair in a sided ponytail. She has a striped loose purple and white shirt with white denim shorts and purple and green bracelets on both arms.

Airi has the color of blue matched with a bright red: her top is an off-shoulder striped blue, pink and white top (underneath is a blue neon tank) matched with her sandals, with a red skirt and a matching red bandana in her hair and her accessories are mostly badges on the top, a silver necklace and bracelets on both hands.

Chisa seems to have pink which is the most suitable for the title (I thought that everyone would have pink though); she is wearing a cute pink shirt with a jeans vest with badges on it, a flower-patterned skirt and she seems to be the only one not wearing bright colored heels. She has a cap similar to Maimi’s but in pink and 2 simple bracelets on each hand.

Maimai’s dominant color is the flashy green of her under-top matched with reflects from her floral dress which has a baby blue bottom. Her hair is slightly curled and she has a simple white bandana in her hair, a bright and big pink necklace with colorful bracelets (the same star bracelet in green that Airi has in blue, Chisa in pink, Maimi in red and Saki in purple).

Overall, I really like the colored theme that the outfits are since they are each very unique and make them look special on each one of the girls with a specific main color (star bracelet) given to each girl.

The release date is set for 5/25.

C-ute’s profile page



8 responses

26 04 2011

Wow~ so cute XD I like Chisa & Nakki’s clothes ♥

26 04 2011

They all look great! I love Chisa’s and Nakky’s especially.

26 04 2011

Maimai chisa and Nakky<3

26 04 2011

Yo I swear…

Airi’s pics kinda look like Kanna.. ;_;

26 04 2011

They all look great, but my favorite would have to be Maimai!! :)

27 04 2011

I love this outfits! they are so colorful!they remind me of summer :)
Airi’s hair is nice,she should wear a hairband more often :x
my favourite things at each outfit:Maimi’s cap(it’s so cute!it looks great on her!:x),Nakky’s heels(so bright and colorful!:x),Airi’s badges(I love badges.I also like the hairband),Chisa’s skirt,Maimai’s hairband and undertop.
my favourite is Airi’s one :x but I like all of them :x

28 04 2011
Jam Felipe

The first time that I ever like C-ute after their debut song..

29 04 2011

i love their outfit. It fits them so perfectly kawaii na

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