Goto Maki Will Be A Guest On “Kamisun!”

26 04 2011

Goto Maki will be featured as a guest on the new show “Kamisun!”

This is the same show which Dream Morning Musume appeared on not too long ago. So far it seems like the show is a performance and talk, similar to Utaban and other music shows that we’ve seen.

When I heard the news I was hoping that Maki and Dream MoMusu would be featured at the same time. Unfortunately they weren’t but this is probably the closest to a reunion for Maki and any H!P member and although it would’ve been exciting to see them together it probably won’t happen yet.

Maki will most likely be promoting songs from her new album, Love and hopefully that means that she will perform a song from that album live too. The photo of Maki on the show’s website is a picture from the Love album, so we’ll just have to see which song(s) she performs.

Maki will be a guest on Kamisun on 5/2.

Kamisun! TBS TV Website




One response

26 04 2011

It almost seems like Masahiro Nakai is “getting the band back together”. Almost.
I’m sure he’ll at least mention DMM during her talk bit.

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