C-ute – “Momoiro Sparkling” LQ Covers Released

26 04 2011

Top left: Limited A ; Top right: Limited B

Bottom: Regular

LQ covers for C-ute’s 16th single titled Momoiro Sparkling (Eng: Pink Sparkling) have been released.

The covers are really LQ (maybe even more than what we got before), but still they just give us an overall idea of the theme these covers have which seems to be set in the colorful, happy and unique theme matched with the outfits of the girls.

Even though it’s hard to see each member’s pose or expression, the Regular Edition seems to feature a group shot of the girls sitting down with colored things; from what I see: Mai with a pink cushion, Saki with a hairdryer, Chisa with a red baloon, Maimi with a pink camera and Airi with a red telephone.

The Limited A cover features all of the girls jumping on a colored pink background with Airi having a full-body shot in the middle, and even though this makes the main focus on her, I really like the idea since it’s well done and hopefully in HQ, we’ll get to see each member from up-close.

On the Limited B cover, a montage features each girl striking a funny and unusual pose with this time, Maimi having the full body-space (although she isn’t posing full-body lenght), and I can’t wait to see this cover in HQ for every member’s face expression.

Overall, these covers seem to be really interesting and unique with the super-colorful theme that we’ll hopefully see also in the PV.

The release date is set for 5/25.

C-ute’s discography page




3 responses

26 04 2011

there is already a radio rip out now do you want the link?

27 04 2011

I’ll do the post in a few minutes sorry but when It was out It was night in my country ^_^
Thanks for telling me :)

27 04 2011

Nakky holds a haidryer?I thought it was a gun!xD sorry
they are so happy and colorful I can’t wait to see them in HQ!:)

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