Official Mika Todd Twitter Opened

25 04 2011

Mika Todd has opened a Twitter account.

I’m surprised to see that Mika opened an account until now, but I am very happy as well since it gives fans a chance to send support messages and get a response while finding out what she has been doing lately.

So far most of her tweets have been to friends and family, but she has been responding to fan’s messages personally which is great since fans can get a response to their messages and since it has been quite some time since we last heard from her it is a great opportunity for fans to show their support.

It seems that Mika has been doing a few performances from time to time but hopefully we get to see even more from her from now on.

Official Mika Todd Twitter




One response

25 04 2011

She responded to my tweet!! I was so happy! \( ; u ; )/ Glad to see she still cares about her fans!!!

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