Hangry & Angry To Perform In Indonesia

25 04 2011

According to a release post by Clash Cosplay, Hangry & Angry will perform in Indonesia.

I was very surprised, to say the least, when I found out about this next overseas trip for Hangry & Angry since it has been quite some time since we last heard from them, that being Rika appearing at NYAF back in August or their tour around Europe back in March of last year.

Since they haven’t released new songs in quite some time it would be a great chance to do so since the publicity from the trip will most likely help, but they will most likely not release any new material since all news about them has been somewhat quite for the past year, although I still hope that they will since this group has a unique sound that most fans love.

Even though we haven’t gotten an official confirmation about their trip to Indonesia I am very excited to see that they will once again perform overseas since there are most likely many excited fans looking forward to their visit in July, so hopefully we get an official mention about this trip so that we can confirm and fans can begin to prepare for their appearance.

The appearance will be on 7/24 at Balai Kartini in Jakarta.

Clash Cosplay Page About Hangry And Angry’s Appearance




3 responses

26 04 2011

Wait, what, seriously?! Definitely going!!!

29 04 2011

Wao! I was so glad ^^

10 07 2011

i can wait for it

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