Berryz Koubou At Sakura-con – Third Day

25 04 2011

Today was the last day of planned events for Berryz and while there were only 2 events planned for today many fans who had Sunday autograph tickets got a chance to get their Berryz goods autographed, and apart from that Berryz did appear in a few other events, such as the closing ceremonies.

The full details are after the break!

Here are the events for today:

  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM – Autograph Session 2
  • 3:15 PM – Prize Drawings [Signed banner (1) and Berryz hand-written messages (7)] w/ member of Berryz Koubou

> Autograph Session 2

Unlike the first autograph session there are not that many pictures of the actual second session available (most likely fans haven’t had a chance to upload them yet), but we should see many photos appear during the next few days in the various forums such as JPC, H!O, and JPHIP, so I look forward to finding out all of the various items that were signed.

Here is one that was posted (photo credit to dejiko @ H!O):

> Prize Drawings

As Hello! Store USA announced on the Sakura-con page on their site there was a special drawing where 7 lucky fans got a chance to win a special “Message To America” written by one of the members and signed, and although we don’t have that many images of the drawing we do have a few images of the winners.

Just a few details about the drawing, it seems that Captain was the one who drew the tickets (not that surprising since she is the Captain after all), and from what I can see each winner got a signed message although one lucky winner (apparently his name is Edwin, according to the banner) got one banner signed by all of the members along with his name written by Captain:

Congratulations to the winners!

> Closing Ceremonies

Apart from the planned events Berryz Koubou also attended the closing ceremonies where they thanked fans for their support and also revealed the results of the donation box that was set up at the booth, and the grand total of donations was $1887.89!

Thank you to everyone who donated!

There is a LQ recording of the ceremony available so that fans who didn’t see it can check it out:

Sakura-con Closing Ceremony Ustream

But there are also a few parts of the ceremony (although not the complete video) that are in a better quality, and I strongly recommend everyone check it out since it features comments by Miya, Kumai, the revealing of the donation total, as well as when Berryz leave the stage:

Video uploaded by: iluvatarin

> Interview

There was also a press interview after the ceremonies that was broadcast over Nico Nico, but I haven’t seen it so I don’t know the exact details about what questions were asked, although the manager for Berryz did tweet a pic of all of the members during the event:

> Wrap-up

In the blink of an eye Berryz Koubou’s first appearance at a convention in the US has ended and while there hasn’t been that many complete detailed reports about what happened at the convention we should see quite a few pop up during the next few days once all of the fans get a chance to rest up and go back to their homes.

I will update this post with all of the reports I can find about the event so that fans can check them out and find out more about what happened during these past three days, although for now I would like to thank everyone who did post and update each day with the events and details about Berryz Koubou.

I also read about Japanese fans and how friendly they were giving out free CDs and photos to fans here in the US to fans at the convention so a big thank you to them as well since everyone came together at the event to support Berryz and show everyone that there are fans that support Berryz Koubou all over the world.

Also a big thank you to Berryz Koubou for coming to the US since this has been quite a fun filled weekend that many lucky fans in Seattle had, and while this event is over I look forward to finding out where Berryz Koubou will perform next and when more H!P acts will come visit fans overseas.

Thank You!

Here are a few sites that feature information about Berryz Koubou’s visit to Seattle:

Hello! Store USA Page About Berryz Koubou’s Appearance At Sakura-con

Berryz Koubou – All For One And One For All

Video uploaded by: animefan643

Chinami Speaking In English

Video uploaded by: mapb2005

Anime Expo Article About Berryz Koubou At Sakura-con

TokyoHive Article About Berryz Koubou

JaME World Interview With Berryz Koubou

TokyoHive Interview With Berryz Koubou




6 responses

25 04 2011

Looks like everything went smoothly.

So who’s next to go overseas? C-ute, S/mileage? If anything Berryz Koubou has yet again proven that there is an audience for these kinds of groups at various cons.

25 04 2011

*Waits patiently in the UK* :3

25 04 2011

*Waits impatiently in Australia* >:3

25 04 2011

podiam vir no Brasil *-*

25 04 2011

I left in the morning on sunday so wasn’t there on the third day but luckily I had already done the events on sunday. I got a autograph friday and was in the raffle friday evening.

This weekend was amazing. Berryz is third favorite group but I sure do like them more then I realize. And the fans were amazing and I was surprised to so many japanese wotas. All of them were so kind! I meet one at the hello!party and when I said I like Miya, he just out of the blue gave me a Miya shirt!!!

Thank you Berryz Koubou for coming to Seattle! It was pleasure asking you a question at the q and a and having you answer it, meeting you, and seeing you perform live!

Till next time!

26 04 2011

Thanks for the coverage! Probably the best I’ve found on the net.

I also went to the event and it was soooo amazing. Probably now 1 of my top 3 idol groups. I also won 1 of the 7 autographs and I did some of the video recording that you’ve posted up here on your lovely blog ^^ I do have some film of the girls at the autograph session that I haven’t posted up but I have to tell you.. getting that close to them is surreal O_O I wish I coulda got autographs twice!

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