“Berryz Koubou At Sakura-con” Concert Setlist Released

24 04 2011

1. Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu
2. Special Generation
3. Heroine ni Narou ka
4. Shining Power
MC (places we visited)
5. Piriri to Yukou
6. Happiness ~Koufuku Kangei~
7. Tsukiatteru no Kataomoi
MC (Japanese and English lesson)
8. Berry Fields
9. [costume change] CLAP!
10. Maji Bomber!
11. Icchoume Rock!
12. Otakebi Boy WAO!
13. Rival
Encore : All For One and One For All

Source: Patachu @ H!O

Even though the setlist hasn’t been confirmed by other fans I am glad to see that there seems to have been quite a bit of variety in the setlist since fans got a chance to enjoy many of their older songs such as Piriri to Yukou and Special Generation as well as some of their most recent songs such as Heroine ni Narou ka, Maji Bomber!, and Otakebi Boy WAO!

Since most of the people attending the concert were probably not that familiar with Berryz (most likely only about half were fans) it was the best way for everyone to enjoy the concert since everyone enjoyed their most popular songs as well as their most recent releases.

Most fans might notice that the setlist is a bit short compared to their Japanese concerts, but Momusu also had a shortened setlist during their concerts in AX and Paris and it might have to do with the amount of time they are given to perform, so hopefully they get another chance to come back and perform a longer concert sometime soon.

I was also surprised by the amount of people present at the concert since according to Hello! Store USA’s Twitter the total for the concert was 3,500:

Which is pretty impressive, and while only about half or less of the people present were actual fans (since the concert was free after all) I am happy to see that they got a pretty big welcome for their first concert in the US, which was confirmed by many fan pictures which show a pretty big crowd waiting for the concert:

Tomorrow is the last day for Berryz Koubou’s appearance, and while there will only be an autograph session planned alongside a drawing for a signed banner it will most likely be a great way to end this great weekend since fans who haven’t gotten a chance to get an autograph will be able to get their PBs or singles autographed before Berryz head back to Japan.

Hopefully we get a chance to find out if there are any corrections for the concert setlist, but apart from that I look forward to finding out if there will be more fan reports when the convention ends or when everyone has had a chance to rest up after the concert.

Tomorrow’s events include:

  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM – Autograph Session 2
  • 3:15 PM – Prize Drawings [Signed banner (1) and Berryz hand-written messages (7)] w/ member of Berryz Koubou

EDIT: Here is a video from the concert, specifically Heroine ni Narou ka!:

Video uploaded by: ThyGriever

Also an addition to the details of the concert (thanks Rebecca):

During the Japanese/English lessons, Chinami left and returned wearing a fish suit (the one they wore in a recent concert). She then spoke in English for quite a while. It was adorable! Everyone else had the crowd learn short phrases (konnichiwa, arigatou, momoko kawaii, etc)




20 responses

24 04 2011

Maasa & Saki smiled at me! *squeee* X3

24 04 2011

This isn’t a correction, rather an addition. During the Japanese/English lessons, Chinami left and returned wearing a fish suit (the one they wore in a recent concert). She then spoke in English for quite a while. It was adorable! Everyone else had the crowd learn short phrases (konnichiwa, arigatou, momoko kawaii, etc)

24 04 2011

I hate the fact that non fans were there D: I wanted to go :(

24 04 2011

Well, at least you can take comfort in the fact that maybe some of those non-fans were converted to being true new fans?

24 04 2011

That’s exactly what I was thinking!!
I think it’s an amazing opportunity for Berryz to get more fans and get people’s notice !! <3

24 04 2011

Y would there be non-berryz fans at a berryz concert???

24 04 2011
Pizza Shoe Bo

Because it’s an anime convention, so there are plenty of people there for the culture and not something in particular. Or there could be plenty of weeaboos that want anything to do with Japanese. Or, even, some were interested in the group and went. Perhaps some were just given the tickets and went because they could or had nothing else to do.
(Of course, these are just my guesses for why non-fans attended.)

24 04 2011

It was a free concert, and since a lot of people were going they probably decided to check to see what kind of a group it was ^_^

25 04 2011

I kind of hated that too but only because there were a few non fans in front of me during the concert & everytime I would jump & chant(I was standing in the mosh by the way) loudly they would look back at me and give me the evil eye. I was just like “Dude if you don’t like people accidently touching you, jumping around, and yelling then don’t stand in the mosh where all the crazed fans are” :P.

27 04 2011

Jealous much? No need to be a hater because you couldn’t go. The concert was a perfect opportunity for them to be introduced to newer western fans.

24 04 2011

I wish I was there~!!!!
Sometimes I hate living in Canada ><

@sozomusume YOU LUCKY DOG!!!

24 04 2011

is there gonna be a livestream for the last 2 events?

24 04 2011

I don’t think there will since only the opening ceremony and Q&A were live streamed, and that was done by Nico Nico, who were covering the main convention ^_^;;;

But we should see some fan video of the drawing if we are lucky ^o^

24 04 2011

Amazing concert.

24 04 2011

Boy, I wish I coulda been around. T-T

24 04 2011

Lucky those who got to attend…. C-ute, kikka, s/mileage or Mano please come to anime Boston 2012 next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 04 2011

Just got back, it was awesome to finally see them in person WOOT!

25 04 2011


I can see it happening too…

Since in NYAF 09 AKB48 came….

25 04 2011

berryz you should come to fanime in san jose CA!!! :D
i would totally go to watch you guys perform!
i wanna see C-ute or Musume too!!!

28 04 2011

i won Momoko Tsugunaga’s hand-written messege board =^.^=
its so cuuuuutteee and i got to talk to miyabi at the autograph session<3333

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