“Hello!Channel The DVD Vol.4” Announced

22 04 2011

The DVD about the 4th Hello!Channel Mook titled Hello!Channel The DVD Vol.4 has been announced.

It’s amazing to see that the DVD releases for this series keep being released since this means that they aren’t just relying on sales from the mook, and the DVDs always give fans a clearer idea of each members personality and they get to check out how they interact with each other.

I’m interested in finding out the contains of the DVD since there seems to be many interesting duos and pairings with lots of original ideas (i.e: Maasa and Risa checking into a manga artist’s workshop; a mention about Reina -vs- Harley…), so many fans will want to provide themselves with the DVD which will be quite interesting to watch.

Also to note that it’s the first time in the DVD hat we’ll get to see the 9th generation member which is always an addition for everyone who would liek to know them better and get to see them alongside other members from different groups.

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy of this great H!P release.

The product is on pre-order from 4/22 to 5/13.

e-Lineup page about product




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