C-ute – “Momoiro Sparkling” Tracklist Released

22 04 2011

The tracklist for C-ute’s 16th single titled Momoiro Sparkling has been released.


01 Momoiro Sparkling


03 Momoiro Sparkling (Instrumental)

The tracklist overall has nothing different from regular tracklists which feature the main song of the single, the c/w and the instrumental version of the first song, but we finally got to see the titled of the c/w which seems really interesting.

The main song Momoiro Sparkling seems to make us think about a cute, happy song with a cute beat and theme to it, and the c/w track is the complete opposite which seems to compliment this release perfectly with it being a somewhat calm title that will most probably suggest a ballad with soft lyrics, although we never know what to expect since it could be the complete opposite.

Overall, I’m really excited about this release and hopefully we will get a preview of one of the songs or of the album’s covers to check the theme.

The release date is set for 5/25.

C-ute’s Discography Page 




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