Berryz Koubou At Sakura-Con – First Day

22 04 2011

Today was the start of Sakura-con as well as the first day of Berryz Koubou’s appearances!

Here is the short official schedule for today with the events where they appeared:

  • 10:00AM – 12:00PM – Opening Ceremonies – Main Events
  • 2:00 – 3:00 PM – Audience Q&A – Panel Room
  • 4:00 – 5:00 PM – Autograph Session 1 – Autographs

Since there weren’t that many fan reports (compared to Momusu’s appearance at AX) there will be somewhat less of a focus on what happened and instead I will rely on the images that fans and staff posted on Twitter, JPC, H!O, and other forums so that everyone has a pretty good idea of what happened.

The post is pretty long so please check out the post after the break.

Starting off:

> Fan Sightings Before Sakura-con

Before the event started Berryz Koubou was spotted at a local restaurant called Il Fornario where they ate, and while the videos are short they did wave to fans once they were leaving:

Video uploaded by: aard1ark

Video uploaded by: CableFraga

> Opening Ceremonies

Like most fans already know there weren’t as many Berryz fans at the opening ceremonies since most were in line to pick up their autograph ticket, but there wasn’t much activity at this part of the event since they appeared briefly and said a few words before leaving the stage, and while Nico Nico had a live broadcast of the event it wasn’t that good of a quality.

Here are a few links to fan recorded videos of the Opening Ceremonies with good audio (I wanted to post the recording from Nico Nico but it won’t be available until tomorrow):

Ustream Video 1 of Berryz Koubou At Opening Ceremonies (Berryz appear at 10:30)

Ustream Video 2 of Berryz Koubou At Opening Ceremonies

> Audience Q&A

Quite a bit of stuff happened at the Q&A since fans could ask Berryz members questions and while Nico Nico also had a stream of that I didn’t have a chance to catch that much of it (their recording will be available until tomorrow also), but here are a few highlights along with some pictures:

  • Maasa was challenged to Janken
  • Momo was challenged to a blinking contest
  • One of the audience members asked them if they were going to upload any dance covers like Chisato on Youtube and Momoko said they would love to
  • Miyabi did a Miya beam
  • Chii said that an Inuyasha cosplayer ignored her and Berryz
  • Yurina idolizes SNSD
  • Chinami likes Hannah Montana
  • Shimizu did beatbox

> Guest Reception

Berryz Koubou didn’t appear that long here but they did pose for a short while for fans to take pictures:

Video uploaded by: 123japanfan

> Autographs

The most awaited event will most likely be the autograph session since fans got a chance to greet their favorite idols and get a signature from them in a Berryz good, such as a visual book or a PB, but before posting pictures of the autograph session here are a few pictures of the goods that were available as well as a shot of the booth:

Moving on to the autograph session here is what the priority autograph ticket looked like:

And like most of today there weren’t that many fan stories about their autographs, although there were quite a few pictures of the members signing goods:

> Wrap-up

Today was quite a busy day for Berryz as many of us can tell from the images and videos above, and while I couldn’t find the source of many of them I would like to thank everyone who did take pictures and videos since it gave us a chance to check out this great event along with everyone at Sakura-con.

Most fans are at the Hello! Party 2 right now (or resting up for tomorrow) so most of the reports will most likely appear tomorrow or by Sunday, but if you would like to check out the event here is a live stream with all of the events that are happening right now:

Hello! Party 2 Ustream Live Stream

Tomorrow is the big day where they will perform so we will most likely hear many fan reports as well as see many images and videos of the concert so I look forward to finding out how much energy fans have and which songs they will perform, but for now I enjoyed seeing all of the images and videos of what happened today.


  • 6:00 PM Line start
  • 7:00 – 8:00 PM Live Concert

EDIT: Here are a few updates that were released today:

Fan Report About First Day by Super Luigi @ H!O

Fan Report About First Day by Selective Hearing

Fan Report About First Day by SakuraTheShadow @ JPHIP

As well as a video of Berryz making their way to the Q&A:

Video uploaded by: ThyGriever

EDIT: Another video (front row) of Berryz arriving at the Q&A:

Video uploaded by: TexasMusume




13 responses

22 04 2011

Wow looks like thing are going well over there. Wondering if the Sakuracon experience is going better for UFA and Japanfiles than Anime Expo?

Wish I could be there :(

22 04 2011

It seems to be a bit more relaxed than AX, if you notice fans were really close to Berryz taking pictures at the guest reception, and since Japanfiles have more experience at the con having been with Momusu at AX they seem to have been prepared pretty well ^_^

23 04 2011

I was there and it was amazing. There was actually a very huge fanbase.

23 04 2011

Omg this was waaaaaaaaay better than AX. Waaaaaay more organized. I’m so happy I got their autographs yesterday(Risako smiled extra big at me when she saw me wearing her HAPPI). I was kinda bumbed that I missed them at the guest reception(I was a little late), but when I got there I stopped to wait for the elevator. I looked down at my shoes for a split second & when I looked up again Chinami was standing a foot away from me & smiling. When I realized who she was I jumped back in shock and she giggled and waved. I seriously can’t believe that happened to me XD!!!!!!

23 04 2011

That sounds so awesome!!

23 04 2011

you are so lucky! XD

23 04 2011

omg! u r so lucky! i would have like been so happy too! ahh i wish i was there but im so far from Seattle! i would need a plane…

23 04 2011

Awww i wish i was there. hey if u guys go plese get me something lol

23 04 2011

wow I really wish I was there! :D
Yurina likes SNSD? how cool! xD

23 04 2011

Wish I could have gone to see them. But it fell on the same weekend as a local convention.

23 04 2011

Lol, Chii likes Hannah Montana XD

23 04 2011

Owh, I’m being jelly at those lucky fans :P

27 04 2011

I cried, man. ;-; I missed seeing Risako just because of all the cons on earth, THEY HAD TO PICK THE ONE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY.
But I’m happy for the people who got to attend and support them .I nearly crapped myself at the riot.

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