Kitahara Sayaka- First Solo Single Titled “Yappa Seishun”

21 04 2011

Kitahara Sayaka will be releasing her first solo single titled “Yappa Seishun.”

Kitahara will be voicing the character Sorano Aoi in the anime Inazuma Eleven Go! and her solo single will be used as the anime’s ending theme. Also the anime starts in 5/4, meaning fans will be able to get an early preview of the song.

There will also be a PV for the single and Yossie will be featured in the PV.

The single will be released in two editions, one with a dvd and the other without.

The release date is currently set for 6/22.

Yappa Seishun w/ DVD

Yappa Seishun w/o DVD




9 responses

21 04 2011

I take this a sign that UFA isn’t just ditching the Eggs and is actually putting them to good use.

Inazuma tie-in is a very good thing, they really gave Berryz Kobo a bump in sales.

And yay for Yossie!

21 04 2011

She is one of my favorite eggs I’m so happy she will release a single ^_^

21 04 2011

Kita and Kikka! Aww the Milky way girls =] Makes me happy that they wont just be dancing behind Koharu while she sings very awkwardly. I alway thought Koharu only sang well in Momusu and as a Solo. She did not sound too god in Milky way >.<

21 04 2011

So happy for Saaya! I hope Tsunku is writing it, I loved the majority of Berryz’ Inazuma singles.
I must say though, even though Saaya and Yuu are just beginning their solo careers, I’d like to see them perform together/form a duo unit. Maybe they’ll cover W songs at H!P concerts?

21 04 2011

OMG, I’m excited to see yossy in it!

21 04 2011

Looks like both MilkyWay girls are doing solo now.
Kitahara kinda suits this seiyuu soloist thing really. I hope she does more VA stuff!

21 04 2011

Ohhhh this is exciting.
Can’t wait to hear it!

21 04 2011

Yay!!! Out of all three girls, Sayaka was my favorite!!~

21 04 2011

Yay! I do like Sayaka! Though…is it a bad thing if I’m a teensy bit more excited about the Yossy-ness?

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