Berryz Koubou Have Arrived in Seattle

21 04 2011

Earlier today Berryz Koubou arrived in Seattle for their appearance at Seattle’s Sakura-con.

This was confirmed by a tweet from staff:!/ufm_yukako/status/61124407246069760

I’m glad to see that everyone arrived safely and while we haven’t seen any fan pics of them arriving at the airport (it seems that they arrived very quietly compared to Momusu) it’s great to see that all of the members are safe and have already gotten a chance to go sightseeing

Since they arrived pretty fast there doesn’t seem to be that many fan mentions from the airport (most are about picking up badges at Sakura-con), but they probably had a long flight and we won’t get a chance to hear much from their blogs while they are at the event since they might be a bit too busy preparing for their first concert in the US.

Hopefully we get a chance to hear from fans about the event once it starts tomorrow.




7 responses

21 04 2011

Wow, already? I thought it would be, like, at the end of the month! Time sure flies~! Ah, I wish I could go, but unfortunately, there’s school and location problems. Well, I hope that anyone who’s going will have fun! :)

22 04 2011

hohoho i saw them <3

22 04 2011


22 04 2011

I’m actually in like Vegas right now and have half a mind to just beg my aunt to drive me dow there to see the concert. It’s not going to happen though. :/

22 04 2011

Well about the airpot… I know fans wanted to meet them but didn’t know when they arrived. There’s a fancam of people say hi to them at a restaurant though! :O

22 04 2011

Ahhh I wanna meet them! But I’m so far from seattle:((( and can’t believe u met them!!!!

22 04 2011

At least….I get… to say… that I have been.. in the same country as Berryz Koubou…


*Lives in New York*

I really wish I could be there…
They are literally on the OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY!!!

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