Saho Akari To Complete Her Egg Training, Hello! Pro Egg Shiodome AX Event Rescheduled

18 04 2011

According to a recent FC announcement Saho Akari will finish her training before the rescheduled event for Hello! Pro Egg’s Shiodome AX.

The announcement was done somewhat quickly and without any details since it was mentioned in about one sentence underneath the info for the H!P Egg rescheduled event, which is very disappointing since I would have liked to see a more detailed post about what she is planning to do after.

Despite that I am a bit worried since the already small lineup of Eggs is getting even smaller with the graduation of the current unofficial leader Saho, which leaves only 9 Eggs for the scheduled event, a really small amount compared to their last event.

Most likely we will see even more Eggs graduate as the months go by although it seems that there will be 9 Eggs for the event at Shiodome for sure, but hopefully we get to find out what will happen to the Eggs since there has been a massive amount of “training completions” in the past few months.

There are no details about what Saho will do once she completes her training, but according to some fans more details will be released soon so hopefully we get to find out whether she will focus on acting, singing, or do something else, although I hope we get to see her sing some more since she is a really talented singer.

Hopefully Egg fans decide to attend the event since the large amount of graduations will no doubt have a large effect on the number of fans left (since with every graduation not only does the member leave, the fans most likely leave with her), but I hope we can find out what kind of songs the Eggs will sing or what they will do at the event.

The H!P Egg Shiodome AX Event will be on 6/19.

Official FC Announcement About H!P Egg AX Event




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18 04 2011

I wonder if a new batch of Eggs will added in the future?

18 04 2011

It also seems that some of the eggs (Mia Sainen, Tomomi Hirano, Anri Tanaka, Asuna Okai, Irori Maeda, Momoka Komine) have also already left H!P without further notice, just like Erina Aoki and Sezaki Azusa back then. Irori Maeda now is part of a weird band names AKBN0 Oo.

19 04 2011

it was just irori who left the others are still eggs

19 04 2011

Actually Miyuko is right ^_^;;

Since Irori left and we didn’t find out until she joined AKBN0 it is very likely that most of them left after they didn’t renew their yearly contracts, and since they haven’t appeared in H!P concerts as backdancers or at events, it seems that it is confirmed even more.

For example, Aoki joined the H!P Eggs back in 2004 and while we didn’t get a confirmation of her leaving she hasn’t appeared for many years at any H!P event, Egg or H!P concert, so it’s not rare for silent graduations to occur ^_^;;;

18 04 2011

^ Ouch, we’ve lost a valuable Egg to AKB. XD

I hope there will be some new Eggs sometime soon. Maybe 9th gen audtioners became eggs? Or would that have been announced already? Either way, some new Eggs would be nice. :3

I still think Tsunku is brewing up another genius idol group… He must just be full of punny names he’s waiting to use for the girls. But he must waiting for the right time. I mean S/mileage has only been official for a year now. :/

18 04 2011

Actually, AKBN0 is in NO way part of AKB48; it’s more like another group trying to copy AKB.

18 04 2011

This is really wrong… all of those Eggs have amazing potential and getting rid of some of them so quickly without warning is just bad…
Specially Akari to who I was seeing a super bright future in a H!P group or unit … :(

18 04 2011

I know… I’m wicked sad… NO SAHO!!!!

18 04 2011

Solo Akari please? PLEASE?

We definitely need more eggs though,

18 04 2011

In my opinion her talented proof that she can be a good solo singer but her look may not as pretty as Mano or Yuu. She may fit as a Main Vocal in a group. She is a talented one in eggs. She can sing and dance in Ah! alongside with Airi and Miyabi the most talented singers in H!P and she still shine.

19 04 2011

AKBN0 is sooooooooo shady. wtf Irorin?? I don’t understand why she can’t just audition for NMB48. She’s talented and already has a lot of fans. There is a great chance that she might get in.

I REALLY REALLY hope that Saho doesn’t just disappear. She’s very very talented, and I thought that she was going to be the Egg added to Momusu. I’m very sad about Asuna too. I was a big fan of the Eggs :(

19 04 2011

yeha i hope saho becoes a new memebr of one of the units, i mean she has a n awosme voice that will blend well with any othe the units.

19 04 2011

Please excuse te typos, sometin’s wron wit my keyboard.
Wow, ‘ow many es (bla ‘ow am I supposed to type “es” if I can’t use te key to te left of te f?) ‘ave ‘completed t’eir trainin’ by now? T’is is insane but I ‘ope somet’in’ cool ‘appens wit’ t’em or else it would be a wasted opportunity of awesome!

20 04 2011

I’m really confused. What will happen to Akari after her graduation? Won’t she be part of Hello! Project already? just like s/mileage?

Please answer my question, I’m not really familiar with H!P system.

20 04 2011

When an Egg “completes her training” it means that she basically will graduate from being an Egg into an actress, singer, or just retire from show business and focus on their personal lives, and since we don’t have any details about what Saho will do we really have no clear idea what she will do.

The announcement said that more details would be released about Saho so it is very likely that she will continue to be a singer or actress, but she might not be part of H!P like Kikka who is part of Universal or Kitahara who is part of another UFA label.

So right now we don’t know what will happen to her, but we will update when the info is released ^_^

20 04 2011

Oh, now i get it! Thank you very much! :D

25 04 2011
Max Muldenhutten

I am as saddened by Akari leaving Hello! Project as much as I was overjoyed at Mizuki joining Morning Musume. They should have been accepted together. I can only still hope that she will find a new prosperous home. And that comment about Mano, Akari is much more beautiful. Her voice is like a sweet angel. She should sing lullabys,

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