Okai Chisato – “Solo Live 2011 Vol.2 ~Dancing at Hanzomon!!~” DVD Announced

18 04 2011

The DVD for Okai Chisato’s 2nd Solo live titled Okai Chisato Solo Live 2011 Vol.2 ~Dancing at Hanzomon!!~ has been announced.

There were many hints given my C-ute’s manager earlier about this DVD going out on sale and I’m glad that they did announce it and will be releasing it since this means that the first DVD got great response from fans.

The cover of this DVD seems to be a little better than the first one since it’s just a picture of Chisato waving at the crowd with all their hands up which is taken my a nice angle to show up the interaction between Chisa and her fans, but it’s a little unfortunate that we don’t get to see her face.

The title is written very simply in a big white font, and even though it is the case, I’m happy that it’s not too heavy on the image since it lets us focus on Chisa and how well she interacts with the fans, since the picture is quite unique and new.

A digest for the DVD has also been released which gives us a good idea of what to expect (a mix of the dances solos and the songs), and I think this is a great move that they didn’t do for the first since this way, more people can get to see the digest on YouTube and hopefully, more people will get interested and support Chisa by buying the DVD since the digest features a great amount of different settings contained in the DVD.

Hopefully all Chisa fans can pre-order their copy to make sure to get this special release from her.

The release date is set for 4/18.

e-Lineup page about product



6 responses

18 04 2011

I jumped from my chair when i saw the good news……when i noticed it was true i pre ordered it xD……

I like the cover, i hope it sells very well again ^^

from 2010 July (1st okai Chan Neru and the beggining of Chissa´s promotion and “more than 2 lines”´s period xD) i´ve jumped a lot of times from my chair btw xD

18 04 2011

Glad the cover looks decent this time.

20 04 2011

Is it supposed to say “Up-Front Walks” at the bottom of the image?

21 04 2011

I think it is but I have no idea if it is a typo or just a play on words since the Japanese pronunciation for Up Front Works is “Appu Furonto Waakusu”, which might be translated into Up Front Walks since it sounds similar ^_^;;

It’s probably a typo though ^_^

23 04 2011

Up front walks is a new label created to promote Chissa (until now….maybe they´ll use with more girls later)….1st solo live DVD and her solo CD are under this label too ^^

20 04 2011

This is a good news for Chisa, she improves more and more with her singing.

And I want to ask something : Does anyone know the title of the last song we can hear in the video ?
Because it was a absolutely beautiful song .__.

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