Morning Musume To Appear On Music Japan

18 04 2011

Morning Musume will have a live audience performance on Music Japan in May.

I’m glad to see that Momusu will have another performance on Music Japan, and more that it will be a live audience performance since it gives fans of the show a chance to listen to their new releases, and since they will most likely perform their Only You single it will give us a great opportunity to check out the dance and how the song sounds (if a preview isn’t released before).

So far we have no idea what to expect for their new single, but Ai-chan recently dyed her hair blonde and Sayu revealed that the outfits for the single will be white with a lot of jewelry so we should be in for a pretty unique song and performance once we get a chance to see it.

Their last single has been doing pretty good on the Oricon rankings so far (for a single after a triple graduation it has been doing amazingly well since it seems that sales haven’t been affected that much), so hopefully this performance helps raise sales for their next release.

The recording will be on 5/23.

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4 responses

18 04 2011

Ranking wise their new single did quite well (weekly #5) but sales were a bit down. As long as they sell more than Mikan I’m ok with it though.

And yay for more TV promotion! Here’s hoping for a Nanchatte Renai-ish promo push.

18 04 2011

Ai did not dye her hair blonde, it’s for the costume for their new single :)

18 04 2011

The way I saw it she really did dye it, I mean, it’s not a wig or anything. By now she’s appeared on other H!P members blogs (Shimizu Saki, Niigaki Risa) with it already.

I for one really like it, although I’m sad that the pink tips didn’t last long.

18 04 2011

Actually she did ^_^;;

She mentioned it in her blog with a short but clear post that said “I…dyed my hair” ^_^

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