Morning Musume Fanclub Tour in Hawaii 2011 Announced

18 04 2011

Morning Musume’s Fanclub Tour in Hawaii 2011 has been announced.

Here is some info about the prices (like always it is expensive):

I’m glad to see that Momusu’s next trip to Hawaii has been confirmed since after each tour there is a great chance that we will see another Alo-Hello! release, and since there are four new members there is a chance that we might see a bit of a change in the theme, although we have to wait for an official confirmation of another Alo-Hello! release since there is still a chance there might not be one.

Despite that, no one will probably be more excited than Mizuki, Erina, Riho, and Kanon since this is their first trip to perform overseas, and while I would have liked to see it as well I am glad that many fans post complete reports about what will be going on since this seems like one trip which many fans will look forward to.

Hopefully many fans can make it to the event since this will most likely be a great way to see how the 9th generation does in their first trip to Hawaii.

The tour will be from 7/20 ~ 26.

Official FC Announcement About Morning Musume’s FC Tour




11 responses

18 04 2011

Yes! New Alo-Hello please!
And not a boring (but pretty) one like last time but a fun one with games and pranks!

18 04 2011

Dammit. My parents will definitely not let me go to Hawaii right now.

18 04 2011

Do you have to be apart of their Fan Club to buy tickets for their concert?!

18 04 2011

Yes, unfortunately you have to be part of the FC to buy tickets and you have to be in Tokyo to take the plane over as well ^_^;;

18 04 2011


*from New York* Hawaii is not in my region…XP

Anyway, for the Kyukkies, it seems like yesterday they got into MM, and now they are going overseas! (which is a big thing)

Kinda wish they WORKED UP to EARN their trip overseas, but w/e…>_>

19 04 2011

You have to take a plane over with everyone to go? You cant go by yourself?

19 04 2011

A fan from England asked the same thing and they called the UFA offices and they said that they had to go to Tokyo to go with everyone else on the plane.

19 04 2011

So you HAVE to be in the fanculb to by tickets?? D: dammit I really want to go though…

19 04 2011

Yes, unfortunately only FC members can go on the trip since it is a FC trip.

19 04 2011

Well that sucks, I’ll be in the same place at the same time as Morning Musume and wont be able to see them!

23 04 2011

any idea if they singing at the shell again? I’d love to stalk outside this time around!

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