Ichii Sayaka’s Drama “Pachinko Queen” DVD Announced

15 04 2011

The DVD for Ichii Sayaka’s drama titled Pachinko Queen has been announced.

I don’t remember hearing about the drama but I have to admit that the title is pretty catchy since it shows off a unique theme most fans who aren’t from Japan probably aren’t used to (that being Pachinko), which should be pretty interesting for fans since this seems to be her first drama since her return to the entertainment world (I’m not sure this is her first but it seems to be her first drama DVD release).

I don’t know the complete details for the drama but I am happy that Sayaka appears on the cover alone since it gives us a chance to check out her look and the setting for the story alongside some very colorful Pachinko machines which are pretty eye catching.

The title for the drama appears in Kanji and cursive, which is a nice touch since it makes it easy to know the title, but I would have liked to see less text in the bottom since  it almost makes the cover look like a movie poster instead of a DVD cover, and while it might be a good way to show off all of the actors in the drama it seems that the back of the DVD would have been a better place to place them since it leaves more room for the image.

Overall I like how the DVD cover looks since it features a colorful image featuring Sayaka in a business outfit, and while I would have liked to see a little bit less text I loved how it looks.

Even though I have no idea what the drama is about I look forward to seeing a preview for the DVD soon, but meanwhile I hope that fans can check reserve their copy since the cover for this DVD looks amazing.

The release date is set for 7/8.

Amazon.jp Page For Ichii Sayaka’s Pachinko Queen DVD




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