Hello! SayuNii Has Reached 1,500,000 Hits!

15 04 2011

A few hours ago Hello! SayuNii reached 1,500,000 hits!

Like always thank you to everyone who visits the site since it is thanks to everyone who visits the site each day that we have been able to reach another great milestone, and while it has taken quite a bit of work I am glad to see that the site has come so far from its start as a “personal opinion” blog about H!P releases to a news site.

A million and a half hits isn’t an easy task and a lot has changed throughout the two years the site has been open, most notably the addition of two authors – Ayuchii and ladylibra92 – who have done an amazing job of posting news and helping bring a different opinion to the posts that appear on the site.

Here are some messages from Ayuchii and ladylibra92 to fans:

I’m really happy to have the opportunity of celebrating this second major goal as a member of the H!SN team and I take this chance to thank everyone for their continuous support and hopefully, I’ll get even better and will celebrate the 2 million mark with all of you ^_^

Ganbarimasu =D

Thank you everyone for supporting H!SN!! The blog has reached the 1,500,000 mark and hopefully the 2 million mark will come sometime this year too.

Thank you again and please keep supporting H!SN as well as H!P. ^_^b

I wanted to keep this post short but again, thank you to everyone for making H!SN what it is today and while we have reached 1,500,000 hits already I look forward to the day the site reaches 2,000,000 since not many sites, especially those focused on only a few particular Japanese group(s) such as Momusu, Berryz, C-ute, Mano, S/mileage, etc, reach this milestone.

Hopefully everyone continues to support us as we make our way to the next big milestone and while it might take another 4 months until we see this mark I look forward to finding out what H!P and UFA has in store for us while keeping fans around the world informed by posting.

Please continue to support H!P and UFA!

Thank You!

– Ado




11 responses

15 04 2011

This is so awesome….
Keep up the great work you’ve done………

15 04 2011

Welldone :D

15 04 2011

Congratulations! I visit this site daily and have it in my RSS reader.
The best H!P news site there is!

15 04 2011
Mariane ラン❤海飛 Cryssa

wow! congratulations! keep up the good work. I really love this blog.. Congratulations!

15 04 2011

Sugoiii ~~ Congratulations, i love this blog ♥
Keep up the awesome work and thanks : D

15 04 2011

Wow congratulations!! <3
i have visited this site everyday and i think that this is the best site for H!P news
Keep up the great work :)

15 04 2011

Hey guys, congrats. Best site by far.
Also like to inform everyone who happens to read this comment that the Int’l After School page on nhk world is updated with the airing time. So the show is on April 29th at 8:30 (Japan time) but DW as there are about 5 repeats.

15 04 2011

Congrats! I visit the site every day :)

15 04 2011

Conguraturation ….. HAI!

15 04 2011

Congratulations to all the staff of H!S

I hope your site could be more and more popular in the future :). You need this because all the stuff you make is amazing…

15 04 2011


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