Official Konno Asami TV Tokyo Blog Opened

13 04 2011

Konno Asami has opened a TV Tokyo blog.

It seems that all new announcers for TV Tokyo have opened up a blog, and along with them I am glad to see that Konno got a chance to get one as well since it gives fans a chance to follow her in her daily life as she starts her new work as an announcer.

The blog so far has one post (the same as all of the other announcer blogs) where she introduces herself to viewers and while she only has one post so far I really liked how the post looked since she had a pretty cute picture of herself posing with her new employee ID along with a few lines where she mentions that she will try her best as an announcer (basically the same as most of the other announcers).

Compared to other H!P blogs her entries will most likely be somewhat different since she will most likely want to keep a more professional look although I hope we get to see more casual posts of her talking about the weather or what she is eating (all blogs eventually feature a food entry so it’s just a matter of time).

Hopefully she updates it regularly and gives us a look at what her new career as an announcer is like since many fans will most likely be looking forward to finding out more about her.

Official Konno Asami Blog




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