Kikkawa Yuu’s Movie “Kikkake wa YOU!” Trailer Released

13 04 2011

A trailer for Kikkawa Yuu’s movie titled Kikkake wa YOU! has been released.

I was very surprised when I first saw the trailer since I expected to see a documentary about her becoming an idol, but instead of footage of her as she prepares for her debut we get a very interesting story where Kikka plays an idol as she faces many different situations while debuting (basically a real movie instead of a documentary), which is a very interesting twist and will most likely leave many fans wanting to see a bit more.

I have no idea why she is acting in an idol role instead of simply showing footage of her as she starts her career but I have to admit that it is a pretty interesting move since it leaves many fans wondering if the scenes that appear in the trailer are simply fiction or if they are a re-enactment of how her debut happened.

The trailer is pretty short (about a minute and a half) but it gives us a good look at what to expect, and from what I can tell it seems that we will see some pretty dramatic scenes of how the idol Kikka is acting as manages with her new life, and while I don’t know the complete story I am very interested in seeing the complete movie when it is released.

Hopefully fans can check out the trailer since it is a pretty interesting story with great acting from Kikka.

The movie will be released in early May.

Video uploaded by: UJMOVIE

Oricon Article About Movie




5 responses

13 04 2011

This is really cool! I wasn’t expecting this kind of thing at all. Can’t wait to hear more about this movie!

13 04 2011

Wow, Kikka is really being pormoted good. I feel bad for Mano chan…

13 04 2011


13 04 2011

wow Kikka acting is great!
I hope someone translates this when it comes out

24 08 2011
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