Goto Maki Releasing A New Mini-Album Titled “LOVE”

13 04 2011

Goto Maki is releasing a new mini-album titled “LOVE”.

The new album will feature a cover of “Sora to Kimi no Aida ni” by Miyuki Nakajima, a ballad, and dance tune. There will be a total of 5 songs, all of which will be written by Maki herself. (Except for the cover, of course.) The album will be released in three editions, CD, CD+DVD, and Don Quixote’s special CD+DVD.

The lead song, “Nee” is said to have 2 MV’s, one will be featured on the CD+DVD version and the Don Quixote special. A description of the MV is said to be “beautiful, fragile, positive, music video that will make you feel the kindness and warmth of spring.”

The cover has also been released and is featured above. Pink is the CD+DVD version, Green is the CD version and finally the Don Quixote special is featured in gold. The covers are quite simple, it features Maki in a white, goddess like outfit with the letters “LOVE” written across in a color.

Overall fans are saying this is one of her best mini albums so far and hopefully everyone will reserve a copy when it’s released.

The release date is set for 5/4.

Hello!Online Page

Goto Maki Official Site




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