Buono! – “Buono! Live 2011 Winter ~RE;Buno!~ Live Photo Document” Announced

13 04 2011

A live PB of Buono!’s 2011 winter concert tour titled Buono! Live 2011 Winter ~RE;Buno!~ has been announced.

It is really great to see that they planned on releasing a live PB for the concert of the return of Buono! after such a long time since this definitely gives a chance to fans to enjoy a PB full of pictures of their idols performing live since Buono! concerts are usually filled with nice performances,costumes and decor.

The cover of the PB is like usual a picture of the girls on stage while performing, but the nice touch is the fact that it seems like they’re not in the middle of a song since they’re not holding mics, but instead, they each have a colored baton striking some very cool poses in their outfits for JUICY HE@RT.

The title’s font and the effects added on this cover make it really special with the big white prints that have a cool feeling to them, as well as the many white and red sparkles all over, and it’s hard to tell if they were added or are just from the picture itself, but they do make it a very unique cover.

Along with the announcement, some pictures contained in the PB were released and both pictures aren’t ones from the girls on stage performing but official pictures where they take poses in a very cool black and gold outfit matched with funky hairstyles, but the setting is a stage setting with the lightning and the first picture being of the girls sitting on the stairs featured on the cover:

Overall, I’m really happy to see that we’ll get this opportunity since most fans will probably like to order their copy to support Buono!.

The release date is set for 5/9.

Amazon page about product

Net Shopping page about product



4 responses

13 04 2011

Do Concert PBs contain backstage photos?

13 04 2011

A mix of backstage and on stage photos, but the previews we got are both from backstage snapshots ^_^

14 04 2011

I can’t wait for it!XD
do you know a place where I cam watch the full concert? (yeah,even now I didn’t whatch it >_>)

14 04 2011

*can sorry

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