Official Morning Musume Site Has A New Design

11 04 2011

Hello! Project’s site for Morning Musume has a new look for their 45th single titled Maji Desu ka Ska!

The site has a really different look compared to their previous site which only featured the group image along with their name, but now instead of just a simple and general H!P layout we get a chance to see a group picture with individual links to their profiles, a link to the Maji Desu ka Ska! PV, information about the single, links to each members blogs, as well as a useful news box at the bottom right.

Apart from that the group logo has been updated with the one featured on the single, which is a great way for fans to check out the new look of the logo instead of the normal typed out name, and while it seems to be a bit too big since it seems to push down everything in each page I really like the way it added a new and younger look for the site.

Apart from the redesign of the front page there were a few more updates, such as a drop list being added to the “Member” link in the top bar which is a convenient way of jumping to a members profile in case the group picture doesn’t load or if you don’t want to scroll down, but apart from the big list above the other pages seem to remain the same although with a new and happier color layout.

I really love the way the site looks now since the previous page had a lot of pink and it didn’t seem that different from the other group pages on the site, and while this new design only applies to Morning Musume I hope we can see individual upgrades to each group page since it would be a great way to renew the site (which doesn’t seem to have been updated in a long time).

Hopefully fans can check it out since it’s worth a look at all the great improvements they did.

Official H!P Momusu Site




One response

12 04 2011

Now the only thing left is an English version :D

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