S/mileage – “Koi ni Booing Buu!” PV Released

10 04 2011

A LQ PV for S/mileage’s 5th single titled Koi ni Booing Buu! has been released.

The PV starts off with the pig showing with the title as expected and then the song starts off showing us many interjections on screen, and I was amazed with how precise they were wanting to even make interjections for the guitar and drums instrumental at the beginning (Waaa and Gyuuuu).

In general, the dance of the PV seems to be very pig themed since we get to see the girls do various pig moves during the PV like getting their hand to their nose, and the most noticeable scenes are: the dance shot in the colorful setting, the ordinary close-up, a shot where the girls fool around and sing along holding signs and so and a scene with a comic look against a dark grey background.

Also, the many effects added to the PV like the interjections, the pig that jumps on their heads or appears during the PV, the speach-bubbles looking windows that pop out in rythm all combine to add to the unique and various look that it has to make a very original setting.

The very cute addition like the girls eating the cake and cherry, or when their pig ears or tails shake, or even when one of the girls just pops out in front of the camera may seem a little bit too much, but since the PV seems mainly to focus on those to bring up the lyrics and make it fun and lively, it’s still okay, specially when we get to see how much fun the girls seem to have.

The most interesting should be how they managed to add a little part of a version where the girls are wearing the black outfits in a black setting where they all look amazing sitting on a sofa during the rock instrumental, since it adds a little bit of different theme from the all pink and colorful setting the PV has, but it is directly followed by a very intreeguing action where all of the girls actually turn into pigs which I never expected!

Overall, I’m really getting more and more to like this song through the PV although I would have liked S/mileage to do something different from the cute theme they have been into recently.

The release date is set for 4/27.



9 responses

10 04 2011

S/mileage had been doing only cute stuff ever since they have been formed… (But that hasn’t been such a bad thing) Although I do have to say, The pig thing is creeping me out….

10 04 2011

These girls are ready for something more mature :c

10 04 2011

but they do cute really good. This song fit Dawa so well!!!!!!!!!

10 04 2011
Dave Snow

I totally agree with Nathaniel…. This is a low point for S/Mileage…….

10 04 2011

The PV scares the crap out of me, actually.
That pig gave me nightmares when I first saw it.

I’m so flipping happy.

10 04 2011

I’m happy that Dawa got a longer line in a single. XD
Like everyone else, that pig creeps me out… Especially when it jumps ouver them. I mean, it would’ve been fine to just show the members being all cute in their pig costumes.
And the part where they actually became pigs…Whaaaat. XD
Other than that, it’s really S/mileage-ish. I like the song a lot.
I think Tsunku is pushing the cuteness on S/mileage because most of the other groups have moved on to a mature sound. Maybe not Momusu for now (we’ll see where they’re going with the next single…) but we’ve seen that S/mileage can do mature if it’s necessary. [Yume Miru 15] …I really liked their first single…

10 04 2011

…And the guitar-solo part of them dressed in black…They were gorgeous!! *A* That’s definitely my favourite cover.

11 04 2011
happy fun happy

I’m not a fan of this song… I don’t like the pig. I do like other songs that they make.

11 04 2011

Their first couple major singles set the bar much to high for them, now it seems that everything after those first few just isn’t as good. If they wanna do “cute” then they should look back at their indie singles, like Otona or Sukichan.

ugh, maybe it’s the whole pig deal that’s ruining the whole single for me :/

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