S/mileage – “Koi ni Booing Buu!” Full Radio Preview Released

10 04 2011

The full radio preview for S/mileage’s 5th single titled Koi ni Booing Buu! has been released.

Having the full song now, I really have to admit that it is quite interesting since it mixes the usual cute S/mileage sound with a very unique instrumental and effects within the song from lyrics, to shout-outs,etc…

The song starts off with a very heavy guitar and drums instrumental for almost 20 seconds followed by male voices shouting Buu!, which could fool us at the beginning. Weirdly enough, the vocals that follow are nothing like what we saw in the previews since each member sings a line with a very calm instrumental and voice tone mixed with the same instrumental as in the beginning to separate between some lines.

After that, we get to hear the part shown in the 1 minute preview with the various interjections during group lines like “Yamette” or “NoNoNo” followed by a big Buu! and the lines we heard in the 2 previews where the title is repeated along with other lyrics and a nice cute feeling to the instrumental filled with Buu’s, and the exciting part should be near the end of this verse where they all elongate the line until one of them shout Baka.

The theme is pretty much repeated in the second and third verse except with some changes in the interjections and in who says the Baka at the end, which is always a nice addition since this proves that each girl will get a decent amount of screen time and a fair repartition of lines. Also, the end of the song is really interesting since it ends up with cutting the cute theme with a guitar instrumental and a final big Buu by the girls.

Overall, after a few listens, I really got attached to the song and hopefully the PV will also be special.

The release date is set for 4/27.




4 responses

10 04 2011

here is the MV for this song

10 04 2011

I was just finishing the post for the MV but thank you anyways ^_^

10 04 2011

no problem keep up the good work i check here everyday ^^

10 04 2011

Thank you for the support!!!
It means a lot ^o^

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