Kikkawa Yuu – “Sayonara Namida” Short Radio Preview Released

10 04 2011

A short radio preview for a track from Kikkawa Yuu’s debut single Kikkake wa YOU! titled Sayonara Namida has been released.

The song is about 2 minutes long, which gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect from the song, and while it isn’t high quality it does give us a chance to listen to the instrumental along with the vocals and I really love the way it sounds since it has a great sound and beat that many fans will probably like.

I usually don’t like ballad styled songs but I really liked the way this song sounds so far since the sound is really cute and along with Kikka’s great vocals in a slightly more general Jpop sound the song sounds incredible so far.

Hopefully we get a chance to listen to the full radio song sometime soon but I really like how the song sounds so far since it sounds like a solid song that many fans will love.

The release date is set for 5/11.

Video uploaded by: offgaki




One response

11 04 2011
mohamad syukri

the songs sounds perfect for kikka fist debut. hopefully shewill got a good promotion schedule. but sadly she didnt be apart of morning musume member :(

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