Tanaka Reina and Suzuki Airi To Star In The Movie “Vampire Stories”

9 04 2011

Tanaka Reina and Suzuki Airi will star in the movie Vampire Stories.

The movie will feature two stories:

  • BROTHERS featuring Kazuki Katou, Yanagishita Tomo (D-BOYS), and Suzuki Airi
  • CHASERS featuring Baba Toru, Tetsuya Makita (D-BOYS), Tanaka Reina

Reina posted a short introduction to the movie, but I can’t make out what it says since Google Translate isn’t that good at translating more than 5 words, but here is the brief intro about Reina’s story she posted:

サークル仲間たちと河原でバーベキューを楽しむ主人公・シュウ(馬場 徹)は、



I will try and find a translation of the story soon but from what I can see it seems that each story will be pretty interesting since the picture that Reina posted features a scene with all of the characters posing in a somewhat predictable “dark night with bats” setting that is used in vampire movies, and while the image is a bit too general I am looking forward to finding out a bit more about it since the characters all look great.

Since there are two separate stories it will give us a chance to check out how each members does on their own without being overshadowed by each other, and while I would have liked to see them both act together it seems like the addition of two stories, each featuring a separate H!P member, is a good way for people, especially H!P fans, to enjoy the entire movie.

The horror genre seems to be somewhat overused in H!P, although I am glad to see that they will both be featured in a movie instead of a TV special since fans can go to the movies and see it on the big screen, and also because a movie usually means that we can expect to see somewhat better effects and stories (usually although not always).

Hopefully we get to see more pictures and a site for this movie since the picture above and the mention of two separate stories, each with an H!P member, seems like a great way for fans to enjoy an interesting vampire movie.

The movie will be released this summer.

Tanaka Reina Blog Post About Movie

EDIT: Tokyograph has a translation of the plot of the movie:

Baba plays the protagonist Shu, enjoying a barbecue at a riverbed with his friends. He decides to try confessing his hidden feelings to Hisako (Tanaka), but it ends in failure. At that point, the two are suddenly attacked. Shu awakens in a cabin, where a man called Asagi (Makita) reveals a shocking truth: Shu has become a vampire, and he has seven days to defeat Ai, the one who attacked him, before he becomes enslaved.

Tokyograph Post About Reina and Airi’s Movie

EDIT: Airi has also posted on the C-ute blog about the movie, here is her part of the story (thanks to risusa TEN for the translation)

Series of murders have occured within the University circle at a riverbed by the valley…
the protagonist who unexpectedly escaped trouble Sei, (Yagashita Dai) and
Midori the sister who wasn’t born in the same family but was raised in it (Suzuki Airi)
find out about news about their friend’s deaths on the news on the TV.
Before long, forgetting about his grief, Sei solves the mystery of 5 years ago of the disappearance of his older brother Ai (Katou Kazuki) who suddenly appears infront of him.

Sei who loves Midori, fights against his fate from his vampire blood and for the sake of protecting the younger brother he loves, Ai who has accepted that he has become a vampire, waits for his siblings he just misses, would bring even more tragedy…

Official C-ute Blog Post By Airi About Movie

Risusaten Translation Post of Airi’s Blog Post




9 responses

9 04 2011

looks really interesting :o

will this be reina’s first movie ?

9 04 2011

Actually Reina has had a part in three movies before this one, according to her Generasia article she was in a movie called “island dreamin” in 2003, she voiced a fairy in Yona Yona Penguin in 2009, and she recently acted in the Keitai Deka movie with Momusu this year ^_^

But from what I can see this is her first horror movie ^o^

10 04 2011

Reina wrote:

“I have an announcement for everyone! Somehow… I’m appearing in a movie!

“Vampire Stories BROTHERS”
“Vampire Stories CHASERS“

are set to open this summer.

I’m appearing in the CHASERS side!

Story: (CHASERS Part)

“While barbecuing with friends by the riverside, main character Shuu (Baba Tooru) tries and fails to confess his love to the beautiful Hisako (Tanaka Reina) who is alone, deep in thought.

Then suddenly, they are faced with an unreal tragic death. After blacking out, Shuu awakes in a hut where a man called Asagi (Makita Tetsuya) confronts him with the reality of the situation.

After being attacked by Ai at the riverside, Shuu has become a vampire, and if he does not defeat Ai within 7 days, he will become his slave.

Together with Asagi, they chase after Ai. Along the way they meet up with Hisako again, who appears to have been attacked, and the chain of tragedies gets longer.”

Do you remember before when I said I had shooting from early in the morning? The time I said I only slept about 2 hours. That’s when I was shooting for this movie! I was so excited~ But it was really really fun! Although I’m a little nervous to see the finished product… That’s because it’s my first time having that many lines and such when acting.

Everyone, please look forward to it!”

9 04 2011

Ithink airi also post it on c-ute’s blog → http://gree.jp/c_ute/blog/entry/567741054

10 04 2011

Thank you! ^o^

I added the link to the post ^_^

10 04 2011

WAAA this can’t be real!! TT_TT
Airi and Reina are my favorite H!P members,I can’t wait to see them!:D
too bad that they can’t act togheter :( (srry for mistakes)

10 04 2011
10 04 2011

Thank you I just updated the post ^o^

10 04 2011
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