Official Ogawa Makoto Ameba Blog Opened

9 04 2011

Ogawa Makoto has opened up an Ameba Blog.

I was surprised to see that Makoto has finally opened up an Ameba blog since most fans might remember that she already had a mini blog that she has been using for quite a while, but I am glad that she has finally gotten an Ameba blog since it gives her a chance to post longer entries for fans to enjoy.

Instead of a short introduction post we get a short introduction sentence followed a long post about today’s Up Front charity event, and while this is a strange way of starting out a blog I am glad that she decided to encourage fans to check out the event before anything else, which might mean that she will post a bit more about herself in the next few days.

So far she has only done one post which is understandable since the blog has barely opened, but hopefully she updates regularly so that fans can check out her daily life and the activities she is doing.

Official Ogawa Makoto Ameba Blog



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