Dream Morning Musume – “Dorimusu 1” Bigger Covers Released

9 04 2011

Left: Regular, Right: Limited

Bigger covers for Dream Morning Musume’s first album titled Dorimusu 1 (Eng: Dreams 1) have been released.

I’m glad to see that bigger covers have been released since the release date is coming up pretty soon, and while we haven’t heard all of the songs on the album the covers should be a great way for fans who have already decided to buy the album but not which edition to choose their favorite, and while there were a few details I didn’t like I really liked how the covers looked overall since they each feature a great theme.

The Regular cover is a simple group picture which features Koha, Yasuda, Yuko, Iida, and Makoto on the top row and Miki, Yaguchi, Abe, Rika, and Yossie on the bottom row, and while it might be a bit too simple I really liked the way it looks since it is a great theme to show of all of the members without distracting that much (although the costumes are a bit too sparkly).

The Limited edition is most likely the one that most fans will buy since it features a pretty unique theme of Polaroid pictures where each member is holding a single which is part of the album (I’m not sure if it’s tracks from the album or their favorite single), and while it seems that they just chose at random I am glad that they added that detail since fans can remember how the covers for the singles looked like since each member is holding up a copy.

One thing that stood out for me was how the smiling faces on the Regular cover contrast with the looks of each member on the Limited cover since Makoto, Miki, Abe, Yossie, Yaguchi, and Yuko seem to be a bit bored (Miki especially since she looks like she doesn’t want to be there) and while they could have been as happy as in the group picture for the Regular cover I am glad to see that the Limited edition features that unique Polaroid theme.

Hopefully fans who haven’t chosen there favorite have already done so since the covers are both pretty unique and interesting: the regular features a simple but amazing group shot while the Limited edition features a unique and fun Polaroid theme with each member holding up a single, and while I prefer the Limited I have to admit that they are both great covers.

The release date is set for 4/20.




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